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Bigger And Better In Texas

Richard Golladay of Kingsland, Texas

An Integrated Home Power/Transportation Solar Installation That Does It All

Kyocera Solar panel owners are innovative – and sometimes relentless – in their quest to utilize the environmentally friendly energy of photovoltaic power. When they experience first-hand the value proposition of producing power for decades from the clean, renewable energy of the sun, it can become the driving force to “go solar” in every possible way.

Richard Golladay of Kingsland, Texas is a great example. He describes himself as a “gradual adopter” of solar energy – he started out with two Kyocera solar panels and now owns 56!

“It started with a solar-powered water well pump to serve a one-acre pecan orchard, using two small Kyocera panels,” he explained.  “After operating this system for two summers and being impressed by the great quantity of water it pumped into my storage tank (which never dropped below half-full), I decided to install a medium-sized PV system to power my house.”

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KYOCERA and ProVision Solar Help Auto Businesses in Hawai'i Say Aloha to Renewable Energy

Four of eight total installations already utilizing sunshine power in Hilo, Kamuela and Captain Cook.

Kyocera Solar Inc. supplied solar modules to ProVision Solar that will power a total of eight auto businesses on the Big Island of Hawai’i, making it one of the greenest enterprises on the island.

Along with beautiful beaches and lush rainforests, Hawai’i also has some of the nation’s highest electricity rates. Depending on a business’ size and power consumption, current rates are between 37 and 47 cents per kilowatt-hour. With such high rates and the availability of federal and state tax credits to offset the purchase of photovoltaic systems, solar is the smart choice for Hawaiian businesses and homeowners. While the cost of grid electricity will likely continue to rise, a solar photovoltaic (PV) system guarantees greater consistency in fixed cost structures.

“Since December 2012 we’ve installed a combined total of 234.7kW on four of these businesses’ rooftops, which are already producing clean, renewable electricity from the abundant Hawaiian sunshine,” said Marco Mangelsdorf, president of ProVision Solar. “The real-world performance of these roof-mounted systems, which produce up to 100 percent of the power needs of the businesses, have made true believers of the owners.”

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