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We've been listening

Minimal hive on scales

Hi there!

It was great to meet so many of you at the Aussie and NZ conferences. Thanks for the huge response and interest, and especially to those who pre-ordered the product. It's exciting to have enthusiastic supporters in this venture.

We kept our ears open at the conferences and received much excellent feedback. Not to mention some stunning award-winning honey.  Yum.

Firstly, you have re-inforced the urgency of our pallet-integrated scales. This is an obvious need.

Secondly, you've told us about the need for a low-visibility product to mitigate vandalism. We've designed a lower-profile case that you can embed in your hive lid, and we've sourced a smaller satellite antenna, now only be a couple cm long – possibly even hidden inside the box itself.

A number of you wanted to turn the system off for a few months per year to reduce your monthly fees. We have arranged a 'suspend mode' with our satellite provider for a low off-season rate that you can switch to for certain months of the year.

Those of you in dryer states of Australia wanted to measure water level.  For tanks of up to 300kg, you can do this simply by putting your water tank on our scale.

Heavier tanks will actually need a water level sensor. This is on our project plan, but in the short term, you could still pipe water from the base of the main tank into a smaller drum or column and weigh this on the scale.


We plan to implement these as add-ons to the system. You'll be able to upgrade without having to buy a complete replacement system.

Out of our discussions with you we've developed the following roadmap:

  • October 2012
    Product first available to the public.
    Suspend mode' off-season rate.
    Low visibility unit embedded in hive lid, to prevent vandalism.
  • December
  • February 2013
    Water tank level reporting.
  • April
    Doorway activity logging.
    Humidity logging.

Please bear in mind that this roadmap is subject to change, but at least it gives you an idea of what you can look forward to.

New pricing structure

Some of you have rightly pointed out that our monthly fee structure was confusing and not communicating what we intended.

We've fixed this, and our new simpler structure is presented below, including a great off-season rate for those who want to run the system for only a few seasons per year.

Fees are as follows:


Satellite base unit

Scale price
(suggest 4 scales per base)
Apply for discounts on 50+

Monthly fee

1+ base units

$2000 per unit

$250 each

$35/unit + $3/scale

5+ base units

$1800 per unit

$250 each

$30/unit + $3/scale

10+ base units

$1600 per unit

$250 each

$25/unit + $3/scale


$7/unit suspend mode off-season


That's all folks!

We are really excited about the upcoming releases, as we know you are.  We hope to be back with another update in a month or two.

Until then, phone +64 3 741 1204 or visit the Hivemind website

 - Berwyn