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Dos and Don’ts of Back Pain

When back pain hits, it can be downright disabling. So what’s the best way to get back on your feet again? Should you apply ice or heat?  Should you try bed rest or stretching and light exercise?  Neurosurgeon Daniel Surdell, MD, offers these tips to help you recover faster and to prevent further back injuries.  Read more.


New Year’s Resolutions You Can Keep

Many well-meaning New Year’s resolutions fail, especially when we set unreasonable expectations. Exercise physiologist Kris Volkmer provides these recommendations on how to set realistic goals that will help you get your new year off to a good start. Watch video.


The Value of Immunizations

We’ve recently seen a resurgence of previously eradicated diseases like whooping cough and measles.  There’s a simple reason:  when people stop getting immunized, the diseases start coming back. Infectious disease specialist Trevor Van Schooneveld, MD, discusses the importance of immunizations and recent changes to the immunization schedule.  Read more.

"New Year’s resolutions work if you go into it with a plan. New Year’s resolutions fail because we set too lofty goals and set our sights too high."

Kris Volkmer, exercise physiologist, The Nebraska Medical Center Diabetes Center

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Making Holiday Parties Merry and Light

Are you looking for festive and healthy snacks to take to the next holiday gathering? Check out The Nebraska Medical Center's Healthy Holiday Snacks board on Pinterest for great ideas on how to make something seasonal treats without all the calories.

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