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Studio Toogood are delighted to collaborate with Hermès for the first edition of the Petit h project in London.

Petit h, conceived by Pascale Mussard a member of the sixth generation of the Hermès family, is a series of objects created by using discarded and leftover Hermès materials or items, repurposing them into new and unique pieces imbued with creativity, wit, functionality and elegance.

The entire ground floor of the flagship Hermès store in Bond Street has been transformed, with a custom Studio Toogood designed interior in keeping with Petit h’s theme of exuberant re-invention: a white gallery-like space with sculptural display elements in red glossy leather and resin hosts the collection of unique and limited edition pieces.

The windows contain huge glowing neon tools representing the different craft disciplines within Petit h. They hang in a draped tent-like structure created from the iconic Hermès scarves which have been dip-dyed.

Studio Toogood’s interpretation of Petit h for London features a new radical approach to Hermès packaging, and staff uniforms. Accessories created by Faye Toogood from silk and leather offcuts from the Petit h workshop keep staff in the recreational “upcycling” spirit of the project.

Hermès’ new project Petit h will take over the ground floor of the Hermès store, New Bond Street, London, W1

Wednesday 20 November to 7 December 2013.


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The Conductor by Faye Toogood

A collaboration with Established & Sons for London Design Festival 2013

Faye Toogood’s new interactive installation, The Conductor, made its debut at Established & Sons as part of the London Design Festival.

Visitors to the gallery were able to watch – and control – a rhythmic symphony of light played out on a giant circuit board of zinc-plated steel, passivated to provide insulation from electrical interference. Echoing the graphic of an equaliser, 160 fluorescent bulbs, fed by a skein of wires and cables, lit up in alternating currents. The circuit was completed by the audience themselves, who had the capacity to “conduct” this electrical spectacle from the centrepiece switchboard – mounted on a mesh structure, the intricate pigmented resin blocks were arrayed with scores of archaic-looking analogue toggles that operated the light orchestra.

The result was a macro-electronic display that redefined the notion of  “son et lumière”.

Digital Quartz by Faye Toogood

A project for Bloomberg

The starting point for the design of installation ‘Digital Quartz’ was the inside reverse of a Bloomberg screen cover. The internal geometric ribbing of the injection moulded plastic cover has been exploded into a 3D axionometric render to create a layered seating and display area.

Shattered remnants of computer screens, from jagged shards to fine glass dust, are cast in inky blue resin creating an intricate crystalline surface which is inlaid into a steel framework. The resin has an iridescent quality and the transparency and fracture of the surface is a counterpoint to the structure and form of the steel. The resultant geometric construction gives physical expression to the idea of a Bloomberg as an information platform.

Concrete Bowl

Faye Toogood's limited-edition Bronze Bowl has now been adapted and recast in concrete for a new, unlimited run. Now available in a choice of four colours (Charcoal, Chalk, Storm and Indigo), the bowl retains the complex interlocking-platelet effect that made the previous iteration so distinctive – and by reimagining the structure using durable concrete, the design is repositioned somewhere between postindustrial chic and mysterious geological artefact.


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Collection 001

Toogood are delighted to announce their very first collection of coats and jackets successfully launched at Paris Fashion Week with stockists worldwide for S/S 2014


Now is the time to rise above the whims of corporate fashion and actualise the individual. Industrial relations Faye & Erica Toogood have built a new collection — inspired by the workers, to inspire the workers. Eight new coats, practical and sculptural, crafted from hardwearing materials and engineered to withstand the changing seasons. Each garment derives from the workwear of a specific trade — an authentic vocation, not the shallow desk jobs of the digital age — marked with the signs of toil in screen-printed rubber and foil. Each piece knows no boundaries of age or gender, available in six sizes to enhance or disguise the individual frame. The materials are redolent of the values of staunch tradespeople: the waxed cotton of the oilrigger; the vulcanised rubber of the industrial labourer; the hardwearing canvas of the mariner and the artist. Unique documentation sewn inside celebrates its provenance, encouraging the wearer to forge a new link in its chain of production: the names of the buyer, the seller, the manufacturer,right back to the designer and the pattern-cutter,
are all displayed with justifiable pride.

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