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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: The things we do for Art - Our fearless PICAnauts take to the water once again in 2015

The PICAnauts undertook their maiden voyage to Rotto in 2014.

As the only group representing an arts organisation they raised over $5000 for West Australian artists.

This surprise entry shocked the nation with their fast and furious fundraising efforts – and the fact they made it to the island alive, and in time!

The PICAnauts are back again this year, preparing to once again take on the Rottnest Channel Swim on Saturday 21 February.


Our Fearless Team

This year the stakes and art factor are higher as PICA’s legendary Director Amy Barrett-Lennard joins the squad alongside Rotto Channel Swim alumni Curator Leigh Robb, Exhibitions Coordinator Nadia Johnson and former Communications Manager Renae Coles, making it an all female team!

The PICAnauts are an example of team-building at it’s best!

Captained by PICA’s Production Manager Andrew Beck (aka ‘Hammerhead’); kept on course by kayakers Melissa McGrath (PICA Education Assistant) & Phoebe Tran (PICA Gallery Attendant); and trained by PICA Install Technician and surfer David Brophy.

The boat is skippered once again by ‘Nerves of Steel’ Nick Rawlins and generously lent by John Corser, both fabulous PICA supporters and lovers of the high sea, high risk and high art!


Swimming in Style

Styling it up – local artist luminary Tarryn Gill has designed the swimsuits in collaboration with bespoke designer/dressmaker extraordinaire, Ingrid Zurzolo!

Tarryn has developed individual 'West Coast Geometric' swim suits for the brave and energetic staff at PICA. Each sporting their own variety of block colours which suit the 'Arty Sportivi' brief nicely.

Ingrid Zurzolo has been running her Label 'Designs from the Attic' since 1995 after graduating from Central Tafe. She has worked under contract on a variety of projects including designing costumes for the West Australian Ballet, for art installations The Cell and Stadium at PICA, as well as creating for fashion labels, bands, weddings and requests form private clients. Ingrid is also very passionate about teaching sewing and pattern-making to help others develop their creative talents.


Help us help the artists

Propelling the PICAnauts through the water is the desire to bring greater exposure to the positive role that culture and the arts play in a healthy community.

Funds raised though the swim will go towards supporting artists in PICA's 2015 Artist in Residence Program.

This year we plan to use the funds raised to increase artists' fees and commission a number of emerging writers to review the work of our resident artists, as well as provide them with additional professional curatorial and technical support during their residency.

Be Part of the PICAnauts Campaign!

With 20km to swim on our way to Rottnest we are looking to raise $10,000.

That’s just $5 for every 10m of ocean swimming!

Each generous donation will help send the PICAnauts on their way to Rottnest and strengthen our support of artists working with PICA. As little as some spare change will help us on our way - donate $200 and we'll make you an honourary PICAnaut!

Ahoy There!
$5 leg = 10m

C'Mon 'Nauts!
$20 leg = 40m

Fan Squad
$50 leg = 100m

Honourary PICAnaut
$200 leg = 400

$1000 leg = 2km


Stay In Touch

Keep up to date with the PICAnauts' journey to Rotto via our website the facebook page and instagram.

There will be regular updates as the PICAnauts progress through their training, our fundraising target, and on the big swim day Saturday 21 February!

Images from top: PICAnauts Logo design by Jake Griffin; PICAnauts looking to Rotto, photo by Phoebe Tran; PICAnauts Support Team, photo by Phoebe Tran/Passerby; PICAnauts Swimsuits, photo by Phoebe Tran; PICA Studio Openings April 2014, photo by Karoline Forsburg; PICAnaut Swimming, photo by Phoebe Tran.