Last night millions of American voters spent three hours with the top 10 Democratic candidates for president, listening to their views on health care, gun control, climate change – and even vegan diets.

But the two scholars who watched the debate for The Conversation both tuned into what wasn’t said on the debate stage.

Political rhetoric scholar Jennifer Mercieca of Texas A&M University explains why she feels Democrats need a more full-throated refutation of Ronald Reagan’s claim that “government is the problem.”

And economist Patricia Smith of the University of Michigan feels the candidates missed an opportunity to focus on the millions of Americans without access to healthy food.

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They didn’t come out and say what they really mean. AP Photo/Eric Gay

Why won’t Democrats say they want government to solve problems?

Jennifer Mercieca, Texas A&M University

Americans want government to serve them, but don't have confidence that it actually can.

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    Brian Fagan, University of California, Santa Barbara

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Kent Willis

University of Tennessee

Kent Willis

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