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Image of paddle designs
Image of Lindsay Randall-Curator of Education

I am delighted to share with you what the staff of the Peabody has been up to this summer – and it has been a busy one, to be sure!  We have been collaborating with our friends at the OWHL, searching through old documents,  researching mysterious photographs, and beginning our extensive collection-wide rehousing project. And a friendly reminder: As you read about our active summer, don’t forget to catch your breath!

Curator of Collections Marla Taylor and work duty students stand behind the empty boxes

Boxes and boxes of boxes

Fifteen-hundred custom archival boxes were delivered on Monday, July 25 to initiate the Peabody’s collections rehousing project.

The 2016 Archaeology Month poster from Florida

Vessels, and Paddles, and Lasers, Oh My!

Collaborating with the Maker Space to laser cut clay stamp paddles based on Peabody collections, for class and community use.

Image of work duty student inventorying a drawer

Summer work duty students begin rehousing inventory

For a week in July, two Lowers (10th graders) came to the Peabody every day for four hours to fulfill their work duty commitment for the school year.

Image of "A Pawtucket Village on the Merrimack River, 500 Years Ago," diorama built by Guernsey-Pitman Studios of Cambridge, Mass., 1939.

Students Interogate the Peabody Dioramas

Students conduct their own critical reading of one of the Peabody’s dioramas during two sections of Writing for Success during summer session.  The Peabody houses two dioramas of American Indian life.

Image of The Peabody Museum version of the Ponca photograph

The Ponca, Presidents, Politics, and Partial Answers

There’s nothing like a good mystery and the Peabody Museum has plenty of them. A recent survey of the museum’s archives, including the extensive photographic collection, uncovered an intriguing photograph.

Image of the Peabody Archives

Dipping a toe into the Peabody’s archives

In my first few weeks at the Peabody, I’ve been surveying the museum’s archival material to gain a better sense of the collections before proceeding to more detailed cataloging and processing work. It's been fascinating to begin to piece together the history of the Peabody through the materials I'm coming across, and to learn about 20th century American Archaeology in the process.

Image of archaeology explorers dig

History on the Half Shell: An Oyster Talk, Tasting and Signing with Rowan Jacobsen


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Friday, November 4, 2016


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