Why Haven’t I Made Sales?

A finished website doesn’t guarantee instant success. In this month’s business blog post, we pinpoint 7 common pitfalls that foil photo sales... and we’ll show you how to fix them.

SmugMug Tips and Tricks

Be the Biggest Needle in the Haystack

Make more money by selling your gorgeous photos to people beyond your regular client base. Introducing SmugMug Search. Read More »

9 Must-Haves for a Great Photo Website

We browsed dozens of sites and found 9 embarrassingly common foibles that plague pros and noobs alike. How does yours measure up? Read More »

Photo Puzzles: The Missing Piece in Your Profits

Photo puzzles put a brain-bending twist on your beautiful photos. Try pricing them with your prints, and let your clients relive the memory again and again. Read More »

Photography Tip

Fitness for Photographers

Don’t get hurt trying to get the shot! Fitness expert Jeffrey Kazmucha lends his wisdom, experience and advice on how to become a stronger, better prepared, more health-conscious photographer.

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Exclusive Deals and News

New App: SmugMug for Android

Your favorite SmugMug browsing app on Android just joined the SmugMug family. SmugFolio got a facelift, a snazzy new icon and the first of many improvements to come.

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Webinar: The Art of Same-Sex Wedding Photography - June 27th

Not all engagement and wedding photos are made the same. Are you prepared to say “yes” to gay and lesbian clients?  Join Capturing Love authors Kathryn Hamm and Thea Dodds for this thought-provoking webinar!

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