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IoT in your business yet?

Hi there!

Do you want our IoT tech working for your business? We have satellite, mobile, WiFi, and other cloud connectivity. Ask us about it because even satellite is way cheaper than it used to be.

"If you can't measure it, you can't improve it" says Peter Drucker's adage. IoT for business is not just cool tech. It's measuring what you need to know: whether it's agriculture, bio sensing, or supply chain. "Internet of Things" (IoT) is a fairly new buzzword, but it's what we've always done.

So how can you fund IoT development for your business? One way is to sell the tool you create to businesses like your own. We're used to this kind of OEM productization. It will amortize costs and diversify your business. You know your own business, so you're in the best position to define the measuring tools that you'll use. You may not find it off the shelf.

What can you measure in your business? You might need to know asset location, bee hive health, customer location within your store, the health of your patient, or keep track of your factory process. You may need an app to present that data helpfully. We'd love to help.

In summary, measuring things is becoming a whole lot easier. Think through your business. The chances are high that you can benefit from IoT for business.

Let us know early. Right now there's a queue, so if you're thinking of starting something, give us a heads-up ASAP: +64 3 741 1204.

Radio: Low cost, Rapid development

New Technologies

We keep our eye on new technologies that might benefit your products, and we've helped support these three nifty platforms:

  • MicroPython, a platform for rapid development of IoT. We're now using this for customerproducts.
  • The LoPy, a low-cost LoRa module that can communicate several kilometers between sensors just operating on batteres using unlicensed RF bands. Also powered by MicroPython rapid development.
  • ESP8266, a nano-cost WiFi module, also powered by MicroPython rapid development.

There are also several other technologies where our familiarity will help development:

  • Multiple technologies for centimeter-accurate positioning of people or equipment.
  • Technology for nanosecond-resolution timing between sensor nodes.
  • Bio-sensors and other sensors ready for rapid deployment into IoT products.
  • Low-cost satellite technology for remote operations.

All of these high-spec'd technologies have recently become available readily and at very low cost for IoT use.

Hi-tech Award Finalist

New Awards

We're finalists for the second year in a row. Our satellite-based bee monitor is an agri-tech innovation for beekeepers called Hivemind.

These add to the finalist status in 2010 of the ORSIM bronchoscopy training simulator, which incorporates our sensing and reporting.

New people

It's hard to believe, but we just hired a real live nuclear physicist: Robin Jodon. Mad scientist, Large Hadron Collider, PhD, physics software, and all that stuff. Pretty cool, huh? But he's landed with a headache from bumping into all those atoms. So he's decided to switch to nuclear free software right here in NZ.

Welcome also to Josh Lloyd who makes his own contribution to experimental physics by defying gravity. Will you take a look at that hair!? Thankfully, he also stands out as a Pretty Good Programmer and has been developing some github mana. We're glad to have him on board.

Armed with this kind of calibre, we reckon we're fighting fit for the next wave of IoT for business.

New Website

Our website now lets lets you more easily view our portfolio and find the technology capability that you need. The update looks nice, too, if we do say so ourselves.

Next newsletter, perhaps we'll let you in on some of the new projects we're involved in. Can't wait!


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