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Welcome to the Winter 2013/14 edition of the VBOX Newsletter. In this issue...

  • Introducing VBOX File Processor software
  • Using VBOX to measure the Swept Width of articulated vehicles
  • VBOX HD now available
  • Automotive Testing Expo a success
  • Racelogic at EuroBrake 2014
  • Free VBOX Training
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    The Team at Racelogic

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    Introducing VBOX File Processor software

    We are pleased to announce a major new software release. VBOX File Processor is a software utility which has been designed to manipulate VBOX data files after they have been recorded. It allows the user to rename and filter existing channels within the VBOX file, and generate new channels via Maths and ADAS feature plugins - all within an intuitive and easily understood framework.

    The software can then output a standard VBOX Tools compatible VBO file, Excel CSV, or Google Earth format.

    One of the most powerful aspects to the new programme is the ability to batch process a number of files at once - greatly reducing post-processing workloads.

    The VBOX File Processor utility is free to download from the software download page on the VelocityBox website (www.velocitybox.co.uk/software) and comes pre-installed with the Channel Selection, Filtering and Maths Channels packages.

    ADAS Plugins for VBOX File Processor

    Further enhancing the capabilities of the new software, ADAS plugins are also available. All except the Lane Data Generation plugin are licensed and require a separate purchase:

    Vehicle Interruption
    Generate vehicle separation data between three vehicles (subject vehicle, target vehicle and interruption vehicle).

    Analyse multiple lanes, target vehicles and static points with respect to the main vehicle and generate relevant lane departure and vehicle separation data.

    Lane Data Generation
    Generate lane data for use with a VBOX 3i and lane departure software.

    Lane Departure
    Generate lane departure data between the vehicle and the nearest lane.

    Vehicle Separation
    Generate vehicle separation data between two vehicles.

    For more information download the datasheets here, or contact Kevin on vbox@racelogic.co.uk.


    Using VBOX to measure the Swept Width of articulated vehicles

    Australia has the largest and heaviest road legal vehicles in the world, with some measuring over 50m in length and weighing nearly 200 tonnes. This combination of weight and length requires vehicle manufacturers to adhere to strict legislations to minimise the risk to drivers and other road users.

    It is now possible to complete all these tests to a high degree of accuracy by placing one VBOX3iSL-RTK system in the hauling vehicle and another in the rear trailer unit. By then setting the hauling unit VBOX as the ‘Lane’ and the trailer VBOX as the ‘Subject’ vehicle in the Lane Departure File Processor plugin (see above), and selecting the offsets, the swept width can be calculated.

    For more information click here >


    VBOX HD now available

    We are delighted to announce that the long awaited VBOX HD video data logger is now available!

    Instead of using a rolling shutter which scans the recorded image from top to bottom, the VBOX HD camera uses a 720p CMOS sensor with global shutter to expose each pixel simultaneously – a feature which allows it to produce an incredibly sharp image without distortion.

    Combine this with the ability to overlay graphics captured at 10Hz in post processing and seamlessly integrate data from up to 32 CAN channels, and it makes VBOX HD the ideal tool to present your test results or clearly highlight the relationship between varying vehicle dynamics.

    See an example of a Brake Stop conducted using a VBOX3i dual antenna, outputting pitch and roll values to the VBOX HD via CAN here >


    Racelogic stand at Automotive Testing Expo

    Racelogic USA recently attended the Automotive Testing Expo in Detroit. Joined by our UK Technical Director, Kevin Bursnall, the team had a great time at the show, with many customers interested to learn about our latest developments in vehicle testing and validation.

    To find out how VBOX can be used to perform a range of high accuracy automotive tests, email vbox@racelogic.co.uk or visit www.velocitybox.co.uk.

    Racelogic USA General Manager, Reid Scott (left), and UK Technical Director, Kevin Bursnall (right) at ATE 2013

    Racelogic at EuroBrake 2014

    For the first time we will be attending EuroBrake in Lille, France. Concentrating solely on braking systems, testing, and components, taking place between 13th and 15th May, it is the largest dedicated braking conference in the world and brings together a wide variety of experts and businesses from the industry.

    We aim to give a presentation based on the changing face of brake stop testing, as well as exhibiting. For more information on EuroBrake 2014, visit the website: www.eurobrake.net.


    Free VBOX Training

    VBOX Training Days enable you to get the best out of your products and software. Available days (with free buffet lunch) for our UK office are on:

    • Thursday 30th January, 2014
    • Thursday 27th February, 2014
    • Thursday 27th March, 2014
    • Thursday 24th April, 2014

    To book a VBOX Training Day in the UK please email us on vbox@racelogic.co.uk.

    Available days for our German office are on:

    • Tuesday 28th January, 2014
    • Tuesday 25th February, 2014
    • Tuesday 25th March, 2014
    • Tuesday 29th April, 2014

    To book a VBOX Training Day in our German office please do so online here >

    For VBOX training in the USA, please contact Jim Lau: jim.lau@racelogicusa.com

    Video VBOX Training sessions are also available, focusing on use of Circuit Tools, Video VBOX, and VBOX HD Set-Up software.