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Needed: General Manager

With a site under contract, an experienced grocery store Project Manager hired and a design/build firm partnered with us, we now need a highly qualified General Manager to help us bring this project across the finish line! The sooner we can find just the right person the better.

The "right person" has been defined as someone who can lead the co-op to achieve the goals and objectives developed by the Board of Directors while, at all times, remaining aligned with the co-op’s mission, vision and seven cooperative principles. Also expected is an eye toward superior service and excellent team leadership. We want Wild Root Market to be the kind of employer where folks want and are proud to work.

The three key requirements (there are others, mind you!) include:

  1. Retail supermarket management with extensive knowledge of store operations. Co-op experience would be a definite plus.
  2. Demonstrated supervisory experience including the ability to hire the right team members, evaluate their performance on a regular basis, develop their skills, hold them accountable to speciļ¬c performance standards and motivate them to provide superior service and support to customers as well as each other.
  3. Experience developing systems, procedures and policies from the ground up.

If you know a General Manager with grocery store operations experience who has the requisite skills to help design a store, develop its processes/operations, hire the right staff and run the store, please direct them to submit their resume and cover letter (outlining their interest in and qualifications for this role) to: Wild Root Market Selection Committee | P.O. Box 443 | Racine, WI 53401 | or electronically to If you have questions about the role, our Board President, Alida Harper Trocke, will be happy to speak with you. Please email Alida your contact information and she'll be sure to get in touch with you.

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Additional Expertise Required

Now, more than ever, it's important for community members who want to see Wild Root Market open its doors to step up to the plate and offer their skills and expertise. Your 10-member volunteer Board of Directors cannot do this alone! This project is of the community, by the community and for the community.

Skills of particular interest include:

  • Capital campaign support--our capital campaign (co-ops refer to them as Member Loan Campaigns) will be swift and intense. Experience with large scale capital sourcing would be valuable as it will be a visible and highly important all-hands-on-deck project!
  • Retail/grocery operations--designing a store takes a lot of knowledge about merchandising, product selection, relative department sizing, equipment purchasing, finance, psychographics and more.
  • Grants development/research--separate from grant writing, we need folks to comb the internet in search of funders who may be interested in supporting this type of project through grant giving. Once identified, we have grant writing volunteers ready to step in.

If you do not possess the skills or interests mentioned above, that's ok! We're always happy to find ways for volunteers to plug in. The more hands we have available to us, the better the chances of keeping on track. Please contact us at and we'll be sure to point you in the right direction.

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