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Sherlock Holmes: The Science of Deduction takes your guests on the interactive adventure of a lifetime!  Through real historical artifacts, immersive environments, hands-on experiences and, of course, a mind boggling mystery, your guests acquire the skills needed to become a Sherlockian detective. In addition, transcripts, scientific artifacts, letters, film costumes, original art and biographical accounts of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle explore paradigm shifts in science and forensic techniques showcase the popular culture phenomenon that is Sherlock Holmes.

Sherlock Holmes: The Science of Deduction is perfect for any institution aiming to immerse its guests in classic and contemporary mysteries based on historical accounts and loaded with game-changing technologies. Via hands-on interactives using chemistry, biology, geology, entomology, toxicology and other disciplines used in forensic science, your guests become the sleuth solving a brand new Sherlockian mystery! Playful and educational at once, the exhibition appeals to a wide audience of families, children, school groups, scientists and historians alike. Call today and reserve your spot in the tour! 

Exhibition developed by Exhibits Development Group and Geoffrey M. Curley + Associates in collaboration with Conan Doyle Estate, Ltd. and Oregon Museum of Science and Industry.


Immersive environments
Hands-on physical interactives with real observation and experimentation
Hands-on contemporary forensic tools
Interviews with leading historians and forensic scientists
A reward for a mystery well-solved

Lecture and programming including Baker Street Irregulars
Educational classroom activities following national curricula
Content supported website
Preapproved marketing materials
Exhibition retail store
Unique Sherlockian photo opportunity

October 2013-2017

Contact EDG at 1 651 222 1121


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Costumes from recent Sherlock Holmes films
Original film posters
Manuscript pages including the Sherlock Holmes masterpiece Hound of the Baskervilles
Original letters in Conan Doyle’s hand
First publications of the Strand Magazine
Original illustrations from Conan Doyle’s stories
Victorian medical specimens and surgical tools
21st century forensic tool

Conan Doyle Estate
Oregon Museum of Science and Industry
Royal Surgeon’s Hall Museum
Andersen Library - University of MN
Portsmouth Library

8,000-10,000 square feet

12 or 24 weeks

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It's true what they say:  Green is the new Black.  But did you know Blue is the new Green?  The Eco House: Living in Green & Blue is a place where your guests will experience the true beauty of living in green AND blue.  This exhibition breaks the idea that green and blue living is unobtainable in everyday family life. This experience provides guests with quick and affordable ways to start making a difference in their own life an in the world. Guests see first hand that they can keep their current life style, habits, and save money while making an impact on preserving the environment.

There is nothing rustic about the state-of-the-art, simply designed and indigenously landscaped modular home that will be built on your institution's campus.  The sustainable living space is 3,000-4,000 square feet of environmentally friendly materials that are effective, affordable and available for your own home. The Eco House is an exhibition of science meeting everyday practicality and environmental consciousness.

Organized and created with Geoffrey M. Curley + Associates in collaboration with Marmol Radziner.


Fully realized modular home
Green interior design
Eco-Gallery of cutting-edge technologies
Hands-on interactives
Audio tour
Exhibition website
Gallery brochure
Eco retail store with sustainable gadgets, home decor and more

Eco-Gallery 3,000-4,000 square feet
Modular Home 1,500 square feet

20 weeks


Contact EDG at 1 651 222 1121

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40 artifacts
Full size Armored Mobility Platform suit
Handmade Na'vi models and wardrobes
Dynamic motion capture interactives
3D technology interactives
Interviews with creators
Bioluminescent plants
Sketches and concept art from the film
Film production tools

5,000 square feet

13 weeks

June-September 2012 Booked
October 2012-January 2013 Booked
February-May 2013 Available
June-September 2013 Reserved
October 2013-January 2014 Reserved
March-June 2014 Available

Object List
Exhibition Overview
Exhibition Interactives

Contact our sales team at 1 651 222 1121



James Cameron's Avatar: The Exhibition has one spot left on the tour schedule.  Is your East Coast institution ready to transform into Pandora?

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the making of AVATAR - the highest-grossing film of all time - and experience its breakthrough filmmaking methods. The exhibition features props and costumes from the production as well as concept art, models and production tools. Guests will be able to see their movements mirrored in real time by a computer-generated avatar, or Na’vi, in a Performance Capture interactive. The Virtual Camera interactive places visitors in the director’s chair, allowing them to shoot a scene using similar digital files as those used in the production of AVATAR. Other interactives explore concept art, sound design, and Na’vi language and culture.

Avatar: The Exhibition was organized by EMP Museum and developed in partnership with Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products and James Cameron's Lightstorm Entertainment.

MythBusters: The Explosive Exhibition opened Mar. 15 at the Museum of Science and Industry Chicago to sold-out crowds.  EDG set a record by booking 10 consecutive venues prior to opening.  The tour is completely booked through September 2015 and only a few spots remain. Sign up today to start busting myths with your guests!  Make sure to like the exhibition on Facebook to stay updated on where the MythBusting is taking place and compare data collected by exhibition guests!

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Jean-Louis Etienne will begin a lecture tour with the help of the French Embassy of the U.S. in collaboartion with EDG.  He will speak of the experiences he endured while exploring the most trecherous of terrains in the Arctic ocean, Antarctica and the Himalayas.  He will also be in Minneapolis on May 1, during AAM.  Stay tuned for more details!

AAM Conference and Expo is at the Minneapolis Convention Center in Minneapolis April 28-May 2.  EDG will have gallery space in Hotel Ivy across the street from the convention center.  Stay updated on all the fun events by following EDG on Facebook and Twitter!

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CUT! Costume and the Cinema is available for 12 weeks this summer.  This is being offered to you for a DRAMATIC discount!  To learn more about this and other openings in tour schedules contact EDG today!  Email or call 261 222 1121.


Heavenly Jade of Maya
Dinosaurs Take Wing

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