Trust actions, not words
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“Trust is not negotiable. One either trusts or one does not.

I prefer trust.”

– Dee Hock

In light of April Fools’ Day we look slightly past the pranks to focus on trust — whether it's confidence in those around you, trust in your everyday leaders, or learning to build back trust that somehow was broken.


Choosing Trust

April Fools’ can be a stressful yet hilarious day, amirite? A tradition of tricking people at their expense for some laughter and jokes. These playful pranks can shake and rattle our trust of close friends and family.

Okay, so maybe that’s an exaggeration, but being able to trust someone takes time and some optimistic willingness to be vulnerable to another. Trust is a core value at &yet and a huge part of what makes our team a family. When we start trusting, we start supporting each other and putting others before ourselves. Choosing trust is hard and it takes time, but the benefit is incomparable.


Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe

by Simon Sinek

In this memorable talk, Simon Sinek suggests we are living in a backwards world where people get praised for sacrificing others to gain something for themselves.


5 Tips to Fix Your Broken Communication and Build Trust

by Nan Russell

Nan Russell’s powerful post about the influence of communication: “It enables—not inhibits—others.”


Defining Leadership

BY Leslie Jensen-Inman

Leaders are to be connectors and collaborators. Leslie’s post in The Pastry Box, shares her approach to becoming a trusted leader.


What we’re working on

  • &yet is bringing training to Fluent Conf 2015 at the end of April! Are you attending? Be sure to say hi to the training team: Adam Baldwin, David Dias, Michael Garvin, Phillip Hancke, Henrik Joreteg, and Luke Karrys!
  • requireSafe beta signups still open!
  • Just around the corner: new and improved + we launch the Talky Kickstarter + announce the opening of the &yet store.


What’s the most hilarious practical joke you’ve been a part of? Let us know and we'll share it in a future dispatch (just reply to this email).

<&, your friendly neighborhood &yetis


P.S. Shout out to Matt Creager and the Heroku crew—thanks for the kind words! We love hearing feedback about &you. :)

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