Advertising Standards Bureau - Ad Standards Bulletin (Recent News)

Issue 85. March 2017.

Close call on flu vac

An ad highlighting the benefits of flu vaccinations nearly got the boot due to the unsafe hygiene practices depicted but was cleared in light of the public health message it delivers.

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Smugglers beware

Ads depicting men in swimwear do not breach the Code except in cases where words relating to sexual prowess are emblazoned on them.

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Taking the medicine

The Board agreed an ad highlighting the availability of a medicine taken orally would not be understood as having sexual content by young children and treated a sexual health matter in an informative manner.

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Taking on the CommsCon crowd

Ad Standards CEO, Fiona Jolly, will join a panel discussing “How Not to Get Offside” with the new AANA influencer guidelines at CommsCon on 30 March.

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