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Club Night - Wednesday 13th February 2013

Minutes of the last meeting were read and approved.

Apologies were received from Paul Nelson.
10 members were present plus 2 guests

Matters arising from the Minutes.

Although we did not have anyone attend the Peak Park demonstration Frank said his offer of a van which can take up to 10 bikes would still stand for any future event.


No correspondence or e-mails

Report from the Rights of Way Officer

Reggie is still checking out the trail from Swafham to South Acre and is to look into the TRO's published in the EDP of 13th Feb. 2013.

Ride Outs

No ride outs have taken place in the last month.

In view of the number of new faces present it was decided to organise a rideout on 24th Feb:, starting at Ayton Road lorry park Wymondham at 9.30 and picking up at concrete pad Thompson at 10am. Rideout will be posted on website and is subject to suitable weather conditions.

Any Other Business

Terry asked if anyone was interested in a trip to a Slide School in Grantham. A modest amount of interest was shown and Terry said he would look into obtaining more information.

I have looked at the slide school website which is hosted by the UK Short Track association and if anyone is thinking about it have a look the address is www.shorttrackuk.com/Started.html
All dates are full for March, April & May.

A raffle was held the winners being Mark Blundell and Neil Tanner.

After which a general chat ensued.

Chairman's Comments

Again not much activity on the trails etc so not much to comment on. I have decided not to put one of my little essays on this newsletter as the club is about you the members not me self publicising.

However, if anyone wish to submit an essay/report etc together
with photo's if possible, please do. If you don't you will be treated
to another of my efforts, surely you don't want that?

And so the big question, is the above photo of the best Trail Bike* ever????

My old KTM which I sold last August only for some scumbags to steal off the new owner in less than 2 weeks. Just shows how desirable it was.

Terry Reeve Chairman

* Editors note: No. Should be Blue, Japanese and 2-stroke.

This newsletter is based loosely on the last meetings minutes which have not yet been approved and may contain inaccuracies