How to claim CPD points with RANZCOG, 
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How to claim CPD points with RANZCOG

SurgicalPerformance users can claim 1 PR&CRM point for every 12 cases entered into SurgicalPerfomance. Here we explain how it is done.

Fellows of RANZCOG need to submit their CPD claims every 3 years. RANZCOG will post the necessary forms to you but you can also download the forms from here.

Using SurgicalPerformance makes the claiming of PR&CRM points an easy task.

Morcellation without spillage

This video shows how a large fibroid uterus can be morcellated without the fear of spilling tumour throughout the abdominal cavity.

SurgicalPerformance partners with Hologic: 20 Premium subscriptions on offer. 

Hologic is a global leader in devices for hysteroscopic surgery. The NovaSure endometrial ablation and the MyoSure tissue removal system for hysteroscopic resection of endometrial polyps and submucosal fibroids are both well-established devices.

SurgicalPerformance has recently been enhanced to record the outcomes of these types of procedures.

To mark this occasion, Hologic is sponsoring 20 Premium SurgicalPerformance subscriptions to allow Australian gynaecologists to enjoy the benefits of SurgicalPerformance audits including comparative outcome reports, PR&CRM counter and data entry user. Each subscription is valid for one year – free without obligation.

The subscriptions will be provided to gynaecologists with an interest in hysteroscopic procedures so to enable feedback on these enhancements.

To apply email Chris Kolbach at Hologic - with the subject ‘SurgicalPerformance subscription offer’.

COMING SOON - Trainee Logbook

By the end of 2015 RANZCOG trainees will have the opportunity to produce their Trainee Logbook in SurgicalPerformance. Read More.

For a limited time only - Trainees, who are willing to try the new logbook feature for free, please contact