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March 28, 2013

In this issue:

> It's your Turn to Rate the Raters

> Big Idea, Meet Moment

> Other News & Updates

It's your Turn to Rate the Raters


In this final piece of Rate the Raters Phase 5, we publish the responses from a number of sustainability raters to a questionnaire we posed to them. We are doing this to promote greater transparency and to provide users – companies, investors and others – a better understanding of how these ratings work. 

Since starting our Rate the Raters work in 2010, we have learned a great deal about ratings, and have seen a number of improvements. Yet, new ratings continue to pop up and it’s important that they consider how their ratings are advancing the corporate sustainability agenda, rather than adding additional burden and complexity to it.

We encourage our readers to review these responses through the lens of our methodology and engage the ratings organizations.

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Big Idea, Meet Moment


In a blog posted in the fall of 2012, What’s the Big Idea?, SustainAbility's Mark Lee and Chris Guenther explored the degree to which vision (a Big Idea) enables sustainability performance and leadership and vice versa. 

Now, following a winter filled with disastrous events (factory fires, food scandals) but equally containing some amazing societal shifts (gay rights movement), there is a sense that public pressure is shifting toward taking action on a range of sustainability issues.  

Can business shift to keep up and is this the moment for the 'Big Idea' to take centre stage?

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Other News & Updates

> Mark Lee will be speaking at the opening Forum of the 5th Annual ARCS Research Conference

> Members of the SustainAbility team will be attending the GRI Global Conference on Sustainability and Reporting, come and find us!