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July 2015 E-Newsletter


Distance Running Strength & Performance is Back! For Middle & High School Athletes


L.O. Physical Therapy is proud to offer a Distance Running Strength & Performance Class for this summer! Come join us for two workouts a week plus one recovery day that will complement as well as enhance your summer running. The environment will be focused but fun, and provide an easy transition into your fall sport/cross country season.


The program will begin with an FMS (Functional Movement Screen) to identify individual strengths, weaknesses, and imbalances that will be addressed in the following six weeks.

July 7 - August 15


Classes meet: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

Tues/Thurs: 2:00 pm

Saturday: 10:00 am


$299 includes:

12 sessions and 6 recovery days/training runs


Reserve Your Spot Today!




Each class will follow this structure: Warm up, dynamic stretching, band walks, form drills, strength and stability exercises with a focus on good running mechanics and general athleticism, dynamic cool down, full stretch. All athletes will be closely monitored throughout to ensure maximum benefits by using proper form at all times.

Tuesdays/Thursdays: Exercises designed to improve proper running mechanics, core strength and trunk stability, and hip mobility/strength.

Saturdays: Emphasis on recovery with a light run to integrate concepts from Tuesday/Thursday sessions with focus on form/mechanics.



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