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Protect Me From What I Want

Since 2009, Veilance has established / progressed / owned the ever-expanding high-end performance market with their instantly recognisable, razor sharp "sci-fi sophistication". 

Tomorrow marks the launch of their first womenswear offering - so it felt fitting to highlight the Arc'teryx sister label for this week's #monobrand edition. 

Follow CD Taka Kasuga for development gems, and check out their 'Re-System' re-sell platform if you are looking to swerve the full price retail.


Protect Me From What I Want

Partition Coat

Almost 10 years ago, I stumbled upon a Veilance sale in New York and managed to pick up an original 'Long Coat' sample for $100. I wear it nearly every day (UK weather), and it's without a doubt the best article of clothing I own.

Here endeth the "I'm a lucky bastard" story.

Click below to shop the updated version

Gattaca meets Gore-Tex

Protect Me From What I Want

Blazer LT

TE√ĄTORA make some super nice travel-friendly technical tailoring, but there's something better / faster / stronger about Veilance.

I wish I could say this was all down to #paid promotion - sign up your friends and we might get there someday! 

Wedding Season Steez

Protect Me From What I Want

Seque Tote

If your days consist of deadlifts, sparring rounds with fellow black belts, and closing billion dollar private equity deals - then here's my kit bag recommendation for you. 

Kirkland & Ellis Merch


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