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CQRS Go live information

CQRS has gone live and begun rolling out to the GP practices and Area Teams in the four early adopter areas: South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, North Yorkshire and Birmingham and the Black Country. The national rollout will commence on Thursday 27 June.

The service will assess GP practice achievement against the Quality & Outcomes Framework (QOF), Directed Enhanced Services (DES) and other clinical services. The service will support QOF, Learning Disabilities Health Check Scheme, Rotavirus (Routine Childhood Immunisation) and Alcohol Risk Reduction Scheme from go live with other services supported later in the year. GP practices will need to participate in and manually enter data for the Learning Disabilities Health Check Scheme on CQRS by 31 July.

NHS England Area Teams have where possible identified a CQRS User Administrator within each GP practice to CQRS. These users will be set up by CQRS on Thursday. An automated email will be sent to their NHS email address inviting them to complete their CQRS user registration within seven days.

The CQRS User Administrator within each GP practice can then set up other users and assign roles in their practices. GP practices who do not have a user set up by the end of this week should contact their Area Team Primary Care Support Team or the CQRS Service Desk: cqrsservicedesk@gdit.com .

To ensure users understand how the service will work and what they need to do to declare/approve achievement activities we have developed implementation guidance for Area Teams and GP practices. This guidance will be sent to users via email and they are also available on the CQRS website.

CQRS will have some significant advantages over QMAS, including:

  • Reducing the time GP practices spend calculating achievement and payments.
  • The ability to calculate achievement and payments not just for QOF, but also for nationally-commissioned enhanced services such as  DESs, services commissioned locally which go beyond the GP contract and services that rely on data from secondary care sources.
  • Availability for greater periods of time, particularly at the beginning of financial years, to allow for timely data submission and earlier measurement of achievement.
  • Greater flexibility to change in line with NHS requirements as the need arises.

Jon Ensor, Primary Care Support for West Yorkshire Area Team and a member of the CQRS End User Working Group commented: “It’s an exciting time for us right now as we move closer to CQRS go-live. Being part of the End User Working Group has given me the opportunity to see first hand how the service will help users working in Area Teams and GP practices.
"The ability to be able to receive data so seamlessly between commissioning sites and providers will help us save time when calculating achievement and payemts. I have been overwhelmed by the level of positive feedback I have heard about the service so far. As we add more functionality to CQRS I can only see this feedback continuing."


Over 94% of GP practices have declared their achievement for QOF 12/13 and are fully signed off by their respective Area Team. 

On 2 July 2013, at 8pm, all updates to QMAS will be suspended and the system will only be available in 'view only' mode for all users until 31 July 2013.

Where a GP practice has not declared its achievement for QOF 12/13, and the Area Team has not approved financial payment, on QMAS, by  2 July 2013, they will have to do so manually 'off system'. Neither QMAS nor CQRS, or their project teams, can support this process post  2 July 2013.

Full details on the QMAS closedown can be found at the link below:
QMAS — Service Closedown Detail

CQRS Training

It is important that GP practices undertake training to learn how CQRS works and what is required so that practices continue to receive accurate payments throughout the financial year.

Training can be completed by logging onto the Learning Management System (LMS). You will need to use an N3 connection to access the training modules on the LMS as well as the interactive simulations and job aids.

Further user guidance and information can also be found by visiting our communications resources pages: http://systems.hscic.gov.uk/cqrs/resources

Further information on GPES and training

The General Practice Extraction Service (GPES) is a centrally managed primary care data extraction service that extracts information from GP IT systems for a range of purposes at a national level.

Together with CQRS, GPES replaces and enhances the service previously provided by QMAS. CQRS and GPES are required in order to provide NHS England with a more flexible service.
By working with CQRS, GPES will be part of the new process to provide payments to GPs and Clinical Commissioning Groups. GPES will extract data from GP clinical systems in order to support payments.

Before accessing GPES to run an extraction, it is recommended that you complete the GPES training. It will help you understand and get the most from the service. Everything you need, the training module, materials and all information for GPES training are now available at http://www.hscic.gov.uk/gpestraining

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