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The Seven Things that Make Rochester, NY the Coolest City Around

You may have heard the buzz from sources like Kiplinger, Fortune, and CNN Money that compliments Rochester, NY on everything from being insanely brainy to having an incomparable commute. Yeah, yeah, yeah, we get snow, but like any challenge, we know how to deal with it. So, that's why there's no denying that Rochester, NY is the coolest city around. 

1. Whip Smart.

Lumosity named Rochester, NY the 7th “brainiest” large metro in the nation. Colleges and universities in the Greater Rochester area enroll more than 88,000 students, grant more than 19,000 degrees annually and are ranked third in the country for degrees per capita.

2. Rule Breakers and Problem Solvers.

As a top 15 patents-per-capita metro region, Rochester, NY is one of 35 U.S. innovation hubs for all things high-tech. With cancer-preventing vaccines, fuel-cell prototypes, and technology that’s supporting missions to Mars, Rochester’s talent and mind-boggling intelligence ranks #18 among the leading scientific cities in the world.

3. Rochester is a Great Place to Work.

New York State has 8 companies listed on both the Great Places to Work Institute and Fortune magazine’s Great Place to Work lists, and four of those companies are located right in Rochester, NY: Dixon Schwabl, ESL, Sage Rutty and Wegmans have all been ranked among the top 15 Best Places to Work for in America.

4. Seasoned in Seasons.

People in Rochester, NY experience the beauty of all four seasons without having to deal with the difficulties that the changing weather brings to other areas such as wildfires, hurricanes and tornadoes. Additionally, Rochester’s favorable location keeps its residents out of the wake of destructive earthquakes.

5. Swingin'!

Golfers in Rochester, NY play like pros. Named one of the Top 10 best Golf Cities in America by Golf.com, Rochester offers a year-round quality of life that’s second to none. And how’s this for a hole-in-one? Courses in Rochester have hosted countless big-name tournaments since the early 1900s, including the PGA, LPGA and the Ryder Cup.

6. Wine Not?

Beauty isn't the only thing the ever-changing seasons in Rochester, NY are good for.   The area’s cool climate yields wines with lower alcohol, higher acidity, and better all-around balance. These factors are why Rochester’s Finger Lakes Region is able to produce so many world-class Rieslings.

7. Fast and Easy.

Rochester, NY was not only named Kiplinger’s "Best City in the U.S. for Commuters," it was also named CNN Money’s 2nd least stressed out city, which is in part because of the short commutes. Not to mention, Rochester is located within 500 miles of major Northeast markets like New York City, Boston and Toronto.

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