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March 2013 E-Newsletter


Shin Splints :: What Exactly Are We Dealing With & How Do We Prevent Them?


Shin Splints

Shin Splints are a common problem for athletes. The term “Shin Splints” is a catch-all phrase utilized to describe pain at the anterior and/or medial aspect of the lower leg, and may indicate multiple issues including overtraining, muscle imbalance or improper footwear.

There are a variety of conditions classified into the shin splint category:

  • Anterior shin pain
  • Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome (MTSS)
  • Tibial Stress Fracture
  • Anterior Acute Compartment Syndrome

Athletes who find themselves with Shin Splints should first seek the help of a physical therapist to address underlying biomechanical causes of their symptoms, and secondly have their shoes checked for excessive wear and proper fitting.

Click below to download our presentation for more information on the causes and diagnosis of Shin Splints, and how physical therapy can help with prevention (PDF):



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New Portland Thorns FC Midfielder :: Angie Kerr!


Portland Thorns FC

All of us at L.O. Physical Therapy are more than excited for and very proud of our own Angie Kerr who has recently joined the Portland Thorns FC. Angie has played professionally in the past league and has had time with the full Women’s National Team. You can access her full bio on our website. I had a few minutes to sit down with my past college teammate and ask her a few questions as training begins and the season is close to starting.

Check out www.lofitt.com or our Facebook Page to get updates on Angie, game schedule, stats, etc.

Click to read the press release published in the Oregonian on 2/7: Portland Thorns add 5 players via NWSL supplemental draft >



Q and A Session with Angie Kerr

Angie, what are you most looking forward to with the season?

“I think what I am most excited about for this season is to be playing in Portland in front of all my friends, family and kids that I coach. I have made this city my home over the past 8-9 years, so I couldn't be luckier to have a professional opportunity to play here as well. There are so many great memories that I have from playing at the University of Portland that I look forward to building upon that in a professional setting.” 

How has your preparation for this season differed from that of previous seasons?

“Preparing for this season I really tried to build upon things that I have done in the past and felt were successful but wanted to take a step further. I focused a lot on training and preparing all the different systems you use throughout a soccer game. In the past most of my focus was on endurance training and conventional lifting. Whereas, this time I focused on building a strong aerobic base and as I got later into my preparation I also developed my anaerobic fitness through sprint workouts and plyometrics. My lifting changed quite a bit as well... moving from a standard type of lifting to a more functional type of lifting that emphasized core, balance, power and overall strength. I personally found that I had an imbalance in strength from one side to the other so it was important for me to balance my strength out and develop both sides equally. I have definitely noticed an improvement in my overall movement and strength out on the field after doing all this.“

What does this opportunity to play in Portland again mean to you?

“This new opportunity of getting to play in Portland means everything to me. As I mentioned before, this is my home and getting another opportunity now as an older more experienced player couldn't be more exciting. I am so honored to be a part of this team and league that I feel lucky to have the opportunity to help this game grow and hopefully inspire young soccer players to pursue their dreams.”

What do you spend your time doing when you aren’t training?

“When I am not at practice, I am usually taking my two dogs to different parks to run around or trying out new cafes and restaurants because the food scene in this city is unreal! My husband and I also love to experience the different breweries around town as well.”

How has a focus on strength and fitness bettered you as a player? Has it changed your game?

“My focus on strength and fitness has without a doubt helped me grow and develop as a player. I think both types of training are not only crucial to being able to play at the next level but I have found it to be a great tool for injury prevention as well. I also feel that when you prepare your body as best you can for a season and you go in feeling fit and strong then you are able to put all your focus on playing, which in the end that is what is most important."  

Okay, finishing off with a quick fire round of questions:

Favorite color - Green

Favorite food - Veggie Sandwiches

Favorite Portland restaurant - Prasad

Superstition - "I always put my right sock on, then left sock, then right boot, then left boot, then I tie the right boot and then tie the left. Right always comes before left :)"

Best physical therapist (haha) - "Obviously, Colleen Little. We go way back to our playing days at UP and she is usually who I go to with any injuries, knocks, fitness advice, nutritional advice etc."

Favorite thing about your two Vizsla puppies - "My favorite thing about my pups is in the morning when they climb into bed and dive straight under the covers to snuggle and sleep. Best snugglers ever!"

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L.O. Physical Therapy Patient of the Month :: The Long Road Back to Kicking


Ethan Agritelley - Patient of the Month


Ethan Agritelley injured his back right before his freshman year of football which left him unable to play his first year of high school. He sustained an injury that has a very slow healing rate and can have long term effects if not dealt with properly. Injuries like this are hard on young people/athletes because they require a ton of patience and the end can sometimes feel like it is not in sight which can be discouraging. Ethan’s love for football and determination helped him through months of exercises followed by kicking into a net, and now he is on the field again. Along the way he made a good friend and found a mentor in Justin Kahut (former OSU kicker) who has played a vital role in Ethan’s rehab. If Ethan applies the same dedication and mental fortitude to kicking as he has with physical therapy, he will have a promising career.

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L.O. Physical Therapy Athletic Wellness Team :: We're Here to Help You Reach Your Goals in 2013!


DeDe Lamont Massage & Fitness

DeDe Lamont
Massage & Fitness

Massage Therapy is one of the oldest healing arts, and is a comprehensive therapeutic approach to improve and maximize ones current level of function.

Recent research through the Buck Institute indicates that massage therapy reduces inflammation of skeletal muscles acutely damaged through exercise.  The study provides evidence for the benefits of massage therapy for those with musculoskeletal injuries, and evidence at the cellular level that massage therapy may decrease inflammation more than anti-inflammatory medications.

Pricing for One-time Sessions: 60 minutes – $75.00 | 90 minutes – $100.00

Contact DeDe Lamont to schedule your appointment at (503) 572-8840, or email: lamontdede@hotmail.com

Click to visit our website for more info >


Synergy Training Center

Building Better Athletes from the Brain Down™


Synergy Training Center Brain Performance & Care specializes in three areas of brain care that utilize cutting edge brain plasticity-based training programs, backed by the latest neuro-science:

  1. STC Brain Rehab for: stroke rehab, traumatic brain injuries and concussion rehab and care, helping the patient regain their cognitive and physical abilities back to working efficiently.
  2. STC Brain Performance for: ADD, ADHD, helping kids and adults focus and process more efficiently, utilizing their innate gifts, often without medication. For academic & work performance, we work with kids and adults training the brain to elevate efficiency, allowing you to work at a higher level of performance. We also help with mild cognitive issues & Alzheimer’s prevention.
  3. STC NeuroSport Training: is designed to train your brain and integrate your mind with your body to increase your athletic skills, making you a faster, more focused and efficient athlete. Just like you can train your body, you can train your brain to improve your sport; visual tracking skills, neural reaction skills, efficient body control, spatial recognition and situation awareness skills, to name a few.

Click to visit the STC website for more info >
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MeToo Fitness

Improve Your Fitness to Improve Your Active Lifestyle.


An adult fitness class emphasizing on total body strength, balance, coordination and flexibility. An individualized approach in a small group setting. You will train at your own fitness level.  Socialization is an added benefit.  The first class is free, to check it out to see if it is a good fit, then purchase a Punch Card with each class $12.00. Classes meet:

MORNING: Mondays & Wednesdays | 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM
EVENING: Mondays & Thursdays | 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM

Click to visit our website for more info >


MOTA Fintess

Unlike most gyms, MOTA Fitness is all about understanding each member’s expectations. Before you ever begin training, our highly skilled fitness experts will complete an assessment to determine your baseline capabilities. This assessment includes non-threatening tests and measurements that are scientifically designed to pin-point the areas which members may want to improve. MOTA Fitness’ individualized programs match each person’s lifestyle, whether you are a busy working professional, a mom with a set routine or a baby boomer intent on staying fit and enjoying life for decades to come.

Click to visit the MOTA Fitness website for more info >

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