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Outcome of the Radio Spectrum Fees Review

The Minister for Communications announced the outcome of the Radio Spectrum Fees Framework review on 11 April. 

The changes announced included that the number of fee categories will be reduced to four, including a new standard fee category for most licences, set at $150 (annually, including GST). The online payment discount and the licence interference investigation discount will be discontinued and a manual payment fee of $25 established. 

These changes will take effect in late 2017. Radio Spectrum Management (RSM) will announce the date of the changes via the RSM website and the Business Update e-newsletter. The announcement will include more detail about implementation and how the changes affect your licences.

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Review of options for 174-230 MHz

Following a review of the 174-230 MHz band (Band III), the Minister for Communications has decided on the allocation of spectrum for three new uses:

  1. the Internet of Things (IoT),
  2. land mobile radio, and
  3. the New Zealand Defence Force.

Spectrum has also been set aside to allow for a Digital Audio Broadcasting network, should a decision be made to implement this in future.

The changes for IoT and land mobile radio will be introduced following further consultation with industry in late 2017.

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Maritime VHF radio changes: A successful campaign

Informing New Zealanders about the recent changes to the Maritime VHF radio services has been the largest communications campaign undertaken by Radio Spectrum Management (RSM).

RSM, together with Maritime New Zealand and the Royal New Zealand Coastguard provided consistent simple messaging on the changes and encouraged other maritime stakeholders to do the same. By working together, we were able to run a hugely successful communications campaign.

The communications campaign comprised issuing 300,000 pamphlets, 100,000 stickers and maritime radiocommunication handbooks, running radio advertising campaigns and adding material to the RSM website outlining the key changes.  The retune.co.nz website provided a single gateway to access the information online.  All three agencies worked to get the information out to boaties through their own networks including attending boat shows.  We saw a huge increase in people seeking information on the changes online in the months prior to and throughout the boating season indicating just how successful the campaign was.

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