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Fluid Transfer International Ltd.
Closed Circuit Visual Check Samplers


The Fluid Transfer Visual Check Fuel Sampler (VCFS) is a closed circuit fuel sampling system designed to provide a safe, easy and convenient method of carrying out the industry standard ‘Clear & Bright’ visual examination of aviation fuel. The vessel consists of a strong, clear glass tube sandwiched between a base and a hinged lid assembly. The base incorporates a drain valve, a fill port, a hydro kit sampler draw off connection and a mounting flange.

The internal surface of the base is conical in profile and finished in a white epoxy coating to assist visual detection of free water and/or dirt particles. The fill port is designed to cause the fuel sample to swirl around the sides of the glass tube; the resultant vortexing effect causes any solid contaminants to concentrate towards the centre of the glass to assist visual detection.

The mechanical design of the VCFS prevents vibration and thermal expansion from overstressing the glass tube. The hinged lid is large enough to allow a hand to reach inside the VCFS to enable the glass tube and base to be wiped clean for ease of maintenance and assured performance.

All vessels are offered with a range of options allowing bespoke functionality for the end user, at affordable prices, using proven standard designs.


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