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Holiday & Vacation Calendar for 2021-2022

The Holiday & Vacation Calendar has been updated for the 2021–2022 school year. The calendar can be found on My CHS Parent page on the school website, or by searching for “holiday calendar” in the website search tool.

Senior School Athletics

The Senior School has released their athletics schedule for the spring. Please click through for important information about which programs are running, appropriate attire, reminders, and protocols.

Senior School Service Together: Thank you!

Thank you to all who donated to the CHS PA’s Menstrual Product Drive. Volunteers collected over 100 boxes of menstrual products and medical masks, delivering them to the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre and the United Way’s Period Promise program. Thanks also go to the Grade 11 service leaders and PA event chairs Melanie Graham and Susanne Sherwood for organizing this important program.

Crofton House students took part in the first Black Shirt Day, on January 15—Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday. Initiated by the Anti-Racism Coalition of Vancouver, this day raises awareness of the ongoing civil rights struggle for Black and racialized Canadians. At CHS, discussions took place around the school as part of ongoing learning, and the Racial Justice Alliance led an assembly in the Senior School focusing on institutional/systemic racism, how to be an ally and show solidarity, and ways we can take anti-racist actions.

Junior Kindergarten students spent some time practicing their cognitive thinking skills by sorting various objects by size. From coloured bricks to Matryoshka dolls, there was plenty of variety to keep them challenged.

Senior Kindergarten students were busy practicing their reading skills with an array of different books, from hungry caterpillars to magical seeds and noisy lions.

You’re never too young to start exploring new languages. Grade 2 students were busy practicing their French in the Atrium, learning phrases and then recording their voices using their iPads.

Grade 5 students have been having a messy and colourful time in Science Club, making their own lava lamps using everyday household objects.

Quick hands, quick feet and extra sets of eyes are needed if you want to beat the Grade 6 students in a game of dodgeball. These girls are a force to be reckoned with!

The legacy project of Artist in Residence Mariana Frochtengarten and the Junior School students is now on display in the atrium, encouraging us all to keep looking up. Learn more about the artwork, techniques used, and how each student was able to leave their mark.

There have been plenty of tasty creations coming out of the foods labs recently. Grade 8 students were busy experimenting with cookie recipes, adjusting ingredient levels to see what influences crunchiness, chewiness, shape and flavour.

Currency is one way a country can express its culture, achievements and history. Grade 10 and 11 students in Mandarin class were given the task of redesigning China's. They explored Chinese themes from architecture; to the contributions of politicians, business leaders, public figures, and athletes (in particular, women); and its beautiful flora and fauna. They considered security features, and also how to unify their designs to make bills part of a collection.

The Grade 11 Digital Film students have been busy in the fabrication of some new equipment: camera dollies. These creations—one on casters and the other on a track—allow students to capture much smoother tracking shots compared to handheld options.

Nothing quite prepares you for the thundering of dozens of basketballs all at the same time! The Grade 5 students have been filling Chan Hall with plenty of noise as they practice.

Grade 6 students have been honing their dribbling, footwork, and layup skills on the courts.

Athlete Profile: Gwyneth, Grade 5, Cross country

While competition is on pause, we want to make sure that the experiences of our athletes are captured and shared. We talked to Gwyneth, Grade 5 to get her take on a school year without competition.

We asked what she loves most about sport:

“It’s really fun. It helps me because my dad is very sporty and I like to do sports with him.”

And we wanted to know what was hardest:

“Your muscles get sore in the middle but you need to keep going! And at the end you feel so accomplished!”

We loved these insights for sport, and beyond and we hope this brings you some Crofton Falcon Pride! Look for more next E-Calls. #BringItHome

Courage, Creativity, Citizenship


Happy New Year! The CHS Parents’ Auxiliary welcomes you back after what we hope was a joyous and healthy winter break. A new year brings renewed optimism, with hints of light at the end of this tunnel. We have been hard at work! From Class Parent-arranged grade events, virtual cocktail parties, and the mini Winter Bazaar, our volunteers have worked tirelessly to provide opportunities for us all to be together, even while apart. Thank you volunteers for your hard work. Your efforts are much appreciated!

The PA is excited to announce a new, reimagined season of virtual events to replace our much-loved family traditions, allowing us to safely celebrate our school community with those we love. Save the dates below and get ready for a season full of #CHSFamilyLove with a Family Night Series, and more! Stay tuned for more information.

February 18: Family Night Trivia – Gather the family together for a fun night of trivia for young and old, and a few other surprises!

March 9: Family Night Dance – Put on your dancing shoes! It might be in your living room, but the grooves will be the same and we will all be together! Everyone is welcome.

April 8: Family Night Bingo – Get ready to shout BINGO! The school year wouldn’t be complete without everybody’s favourite family-friendly game of chance. It will look different, but the fun and the feelings will be the same.

May: To Be Announced – Time to spread the love to the important elders in our lives; this one is going to be creative!

After months with no in-person activities on campus, we are acutely aware of the importance of community and connection. Rest assured we are still a vibrant, active community connected by our love for each other—from our families, to our staff, and our extended community. So let’s spread it around, have fun with it, and celebrate #CHSFamilyLove. Be a part of it! Watch for this hashtag and stay tuned for more details!

Plans for upcoming events continue to be developed to meet Stage 2 guidelines. Events will be added to the calendar and communicated as plans are finalized.

Log into the My CHS portal to access the full school calendar.

Whole School

February 12
- Professional Development Day - No Classes
February 15
- Family Day - School Closed
February 24
- Pink Shirt Day (Anti-Bullying)

Junior School

February 1 - Grade 7 Coffee & Conversation with Ms. Macken - 12:00 - 12:45 pm February 5 - Grade 6 Coffee & Conversation with Ms. Macken - 12:00 - 12:45 pm February 8 - Grade 4-5 Coffee & Conversation with Ms. Macken - 12:00 - 12:45 pm February 19 - Grade 1-2 Coffee & Conversation with Ms. Macken - 12:00 - 12:45 pm February 22 - Grade 3 Coffee & Conversation with Ms. Macken - 12:00 - 12:45 pm

Senior School

February 4 - Senior School Parent Evening with Dr. Jeff Hancock - 7:00pm
February 9 - Senior School Course Planning Night


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