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Welcome PG

December 12, 2011


Welcoming and Inclusive Communities and Workplaces Program

Introducing WICWP

Welcome to our Newsletter!  We wanted to take this first blast to let you know who we are and what we do. Our official name is the Welcoming and Inclusive Communities and Workplaces Program, funded through the Ministry of Jobs, Tourism, and Innovation, but  you can call us Welcome PG.

We are a government funded program working towards breaking down barriers in Prince George, while informing people of the social, cultural, and economic benefit of celebrating a diverse community that works together.

WICWP project work has been in progress since 2008, and this legacy phase includes:

  • Forums and openhouses to inform the community about diversity
  • A media campaign of success stories of new Canadians immigrants
  • Commisioning a new permanent public artwork to celebrate diversity
  • Creating resource kits for employers on how to successfully integrate new Canadian immigrants into their workplace
  • Creating a manual for new Canadian immigrants on living in Prince George and how to successfully transition into a Canadian workplace

This is an exciting time for Welcome PG and  Prince George, we are looking forward to sharing more with you.  If you have any questions, comments, or you want to get involved, give us a shout! 

Cat Sivertsen, Project Manager:
Kelley Hilton, Project Assistant:


Successful Mentoring Forum

Though storytelling

On November 30th, Welcome PG hosted a mentoring forum for new Canadians where successful immigrants talked to recent immigrants about their story of how they became successful here in Prince George.  The round table storytellers worked in banking, accounting, teaching, customer service and tourism.  The mentors talked about about the steps that they had to take in order to settle in Prince George in their profession of choice.  The listeners also had a chance to ask questions and share their stories.  CKPG heard about our event , check it out!


Did You Know?

International Education is BC's 5th largest export

"Just as our infrastructure investments open up a transportation gateway to Asia Pacific, our efforts to increase international education can be a ‘social gateway,’ enabling the creation of new relationships between British Columbians and people from other countries.

B.C.’s education system is among the world’s best and, while we’ve always counted on it to prepare our children and youth for the future, we’ve barely begun to tap its potential to support our economic growth. With rapid economic expansion in Asia Pacific countries, more parents than ever before want their children to receive an English-language education – and we have growing opportunities to attract and retain a much higher number of international students.

Many of these students will stay and build careers in British Columbia, helping to offset the impacts of our aging population and ensuring employers have access to a highly skilled workforce. In the shorter term, international students support local economies by paying for tuition, accommodation and living expenses and help support our educational institutions deliver high quality education for B.C. students.

In 2010 alone, international students spent more than $1.8 billion in British Columbia, supporting 22,000 jobs and generating $70 million in government revenue. That makes international education B.C.’s fifth largest export – with an almost unlimited potential for growth."

-Taken from BC Jobs Plan at


Public Artwork

Calling All Artists!

The Immigrant & Multi-cultural Services Society and Welcome PG are pleased to announce that they, along with their stakeholder partners Initiatives Prince George and the Chamber of Commerce, are commissioning a new permanent public artwork for Prince George to celebrate diversity in our workplaces and community.

The theme ‘celebrating diversity’ is a simplified working title for a complex subject and this was done purposefully so that the artist’s are able to interpret the theme beyond the scope of the committee’s imagination.  Diversity is the Canadian way of life and Canada’s immigration policy is recognized worldwide as ground breaking – something to be very proud of and celebrated.  Living in harmony with diversity begins at home, extends to our workplaces and beyond into the fabric of our community and ultimately the country.  As far as the location choice is concerned the committee sat long and hard in discussion with the final decision being left up to the artists.  The artists can design their project around two location choices - the arrivals terminal at the Airport or the new Knowledge Garden at the Library.  The committee will then look at the value of each project in location and make their final selection from that open criteria which will ultimately deliver interesting results.

Interested artists should head to the homepage to download the call for proposal.  Submissions are due by January 16th, 2012, and artist selection will be completed by January 24th, 2012.


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