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Welcome to NAIDOC WEEK!

As we celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history, culture and achievements, and recognise the contributions that Indigenous Australians make to our country and our society, I hope that many more Australians will become aware of the remarkable Aboriginal Songlines.

Songlines tell the story of the past and present of Australia. For millennia they have been connecting people to knowledge, land and each other. Through story-telling, song, dance, art and cultural practice, for those who are willing to listen and recognise all that they can offer, Songlines are willing to share their story...

Pamela Nathan
Director, CASSE Aboriginal Australian Relations Program



Breakthrough Violence

Strong evidence supporting the efficacy of group programs to help violent offenders rehabilitate has come out of a recently published Monash University study. The report supports the approach adopted by CASSE’s 15 week group program for the prevention of violence, ‘Breakthrough Violence‘, which is being run in partnership with the Central Australian Aboriginal Congress (CAAC).

With over 30 participants, most of whom are mandated violent offenders, the group uses a framework of mentalisation - getting to know oneself in terms of feelings and thoughts and to see and know the other, and recognition of differences between self and other. Led by senior Aboriginal man, Ken Lechleitner, Breakthrough Violence is a culturally informed, mulitlingual program. 

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Men's Tjilirra Movement Update

Martin Jugadai and Elder Bundi

The Men's Tjilirra Movement encapsulates all that NAIDOC Week is celebrating. It is about strengthening cultural connections and knowledge, empowering the men and communities. In a new series of short stories from the men, we share insights from the Men's Tjilirra Movemmnt. The first conversation is with Martin Jugadai and Elder Bundi.



What's so important about the Mother-Babe relationship - Psychoanalytic Insight

The Mother–Babe relationship is central in personality development. This relationship forms a model for all other relationships. What happens to Babe – real-life events from birth to one year particularly – can impact on him/her for life. Read this Psychoanalytic Insight to find out more (we don't forget Dads!)...

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Save our women!

“Would Indigenous women and children feel safer if constitutional recognition, or even a treaty, eventuated in Australia?” asks Hannah McGlade in ‘The Australian’.

And, in ‘The Monthly’, Marcia Langton voices the question that she believes most Australians will not ask: “is our legal system tolerating and even encouraging the femicide of Indigenous women?”

Both were discussing the utterly devastating level of violence against Indigenous women… and the overarching failure of both the justice system and state, territory and federal governments to protect these women and stem the flow of blood.



In case you missed it...

CASSE's short video on the Men's Tjilirra Movement, filmed by Harry Hayes and translated by Nathan Brown, will take you on a journey to Mt Liebig (Watiyawanu) to meet the Men from western central Australia and see their tool making, their pride in cultural revival and the strengthening connections between the generations.

Plans are underway to crowdfund production of a second video to facilitate the men recording their knowledge to share with their communities and all Australians. Stay tuned!

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Our Booklets

Recognition & Milky Way Booklets

Recognition - a matter of life and death in Aboriginal Australia

"Amazing and brilliant"

CASSE's newest booklet, written in preparation for the Sydney Ideas Event, ‘What is Recognition?' contributes a psychological voice to the conversation on constitutional reform in Australia.

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The Milky Way
The Psychoanalytic Dreamtime: Life-Saving Tools

This booklet enfolds the reader in a simple story of the psychoanalytic dreamtime. Presented using metaphors and language associated with dreaming, this 120 page booklet is easy to understand and introduces some of the key beliefs and practices of psychoanalysis.

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