July 28, 2016

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Customers Celebrate their New Water System

Normally people turn on their faucets and water comes out. They don’t need to know much more. But on July 23, more than 1,500 people enjoyed learning a lot more about their water system during the SDS Waterfest!, a four-hour celebration of the Southern Delivery System (SDS) at the Edward W. Bailey Water Treatment Plant.


The SDS WaterFest! started with a tour of the new state-of-the-art Bailey Water Treatment Plant. Guests received an up close look at the various steps it takes to turn water from Pueblo Reservoir into drinking water. The tours culminated with a drink of water from the new plant. 


Families received an SDS passport that guided them through various information booths, including making snow, catching a cloud, the connection between water and energy, stormwater and games. The booths provided an educational overview of what it takes to get water to the tap and the benefits of protecting the watersheds that provide our water supply.


Throughout the morning guests brought items to be added to an SDS time capsule that has traveled to various SDS events during construction.  Business cards, toys, family photos, a commemorative coin, children’s drawings, original SDS maps and other mementos that represent the 2000s were placed in the time capsule and buried by the water treatment plant namesake Ed Bailey, Board Member Larry Bagley, Colorado Springs Utilities CEO Jerry Forte and Utilities Board Vice Chair Tom Strand. 


“SDS was an important investment for our citizen owners and our partner communities,” said Forte. “Guests saw the value of their investment and had some fun with water on a beautiful summer day. It was a great way to celebrate the successful completion of SDS with our community."



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