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The outbreak of the Coronavirus reminds us of the vital work done every day by our Juno Beach Police Department. In these unprecedented times, the safety and security they provide to the Town of Juno Beach is unwavering and more important than ever. The Juno Beach Police Foundation is working closely with the Police Department to respond to whatever needs that may arise.

APRIL 24, 2020

Auto Burglaries Continue!

We continue to see a spike in auto burglaries in Palm Beach County. In many cases, video surveillance systems have recorded the offenders in action. The recordings revealed that the culprits walked from car to car checking to see if the doors are locked. In each instance, if the car doors were locked, they simply moved onto the next car. They didn’t break the windows as doing so would have drawn attention to them. When an unlocked automobile was discovered, the criminal searched through the car and stole what they could. He or she then proceeded to the next vehicle in search of more unlocked doors and more valuables to steal.

Auto Burglaries

In numerous instances, the owners have not only left their car unlocked, but also left the keys in the car. So now instead of just taking whatever they find in the glove box or console, they take the car! In some newer cars, the mirrors fold in when the key is taken away from the vehicle, so when a burglar sees a newer model car parked with the mirrors out, he or she immediately knows that the keys are inside the vehicle. This is a crime of opportunity or simply put, a victim-assisted crime.

Auto burglaries only take a matter of seconds. We need to make their job more difficult by slowing them down. Do your part to make your vehicle less of a target for thieves.

• If you do observe people in the area loitering, lifting door handles, or looking into car windows, immediately report those persons to the police by calling 911. Report that you believe there is a burglary in progress and the actions you see to support this belief.

• Recognize that many criminal cases have been solved because citizens have taken the initiative to call 911 to report the in-progress crime. Calling the police can make a difference! Remember, “Your actions today determine your destiny tomorrow.” If it doesn't look right, it probably isn't. If you see suspicious people or unusual occurrences, call the police right away. You have the option to meet with an officer or you can choose to remain anonymous if that makes you feel more comfortable. But please, “If you see something, say something”.

Another method for reporting non-emergency observations is the SaferWatch app. The SaferWatch Application is a smartphone tool that allows the Juno Beach community to connect directly with the Juno Beach Police Department. With the SaferWatch app. you can report a tip in non-emergency situations. Likewise, the Police Department can send you important real-time alerts as well.

Stay safe and healthy. We look forward to seeing you enjoying the parks, beaches and open areas of Juno Beach once they re-open.

Juno Beach Police Patch

Your Juno Beach Police Department is here, working hard to keep you safe – but we need your help and support. Keep a watchful eye out for not only physical criminal activity, but also for fraudsters, scammers and Internet hackers.

Remember, if you suspect criminal activity of any sort, call our non-emergency number – (561) 799-4445.

If it’s a current emergency, call 911.

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