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The new Signet database is probably one of most important projects I have been involved with in 20 years and at long last, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. New online reporting and tools to measure flock linkage are being put through their paces, along with new, lightning fast inbreeding software. With the new services arise new challenges, as we try and service both those clients that want paper reports and need help with data entry, alongside those happy to enter their own data to reduce recording costs and get their EBVs back in spreadsheets. Feedback so far has been really positive, and Emma and I can’t wait for completion so that we can demonstrate to Signet clients how to get more from their data.

Sam Boon
Signet Breeding Manager

Samuel Boon, Animal Breeding Senior Manager (Signet) © Robert Smith
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Latest research
The National Terminal Sire Evaluation leaflet
The National Terminal Sire Evaluation

The first season of the new national terminal sire evaluations is nearly coming to a close with the August data deadline looming as this is written. We hope the new analysis is becoming more familiar and that clients are feeling the benefit of the added flexibility with monthly BLUP runs. We also take this opportunity to remind terminal sire clients that information on the new analysis can be found on the Signet website. This includes breed specific documents and top stock lists.

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New Signet Database
More features added

As clients should be aware, BASCO is no longer used by Signet and data has been migrated to the brand new Signet database at signetdata.com.  Since the May newsletter, many new features have been added to the site including inbreeding software, online data entry features and the ability for clients to run their own flock report and genetic trends to name but a few.

There are still plans to add more exciting features to signetdata.com as development continues, but in the meantime head across to your flock page and investigate the new tools available to you as Signet clients.
Technical information is still hosted on www.signetfbc.co.uk which has been updated to reflect new Signet branding.

Latest RamCompare Results

The value of investing in a ram with the right genetic merit for your system has been highlighted in results from the third year of the RamCompare project. The latest results from the UK’s national progeny test now include new EBVs for traits like days to slaughter, primal yield and tenderness.

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Do it now

Breeders are reminded that data can no longer be submitted via BASCO. You can complete your census on the new database signetdata.com or submit data directly to the office either by Excel, farm software export or paper (extra charges apply).

Shearling (and mature) Ewe Weights

Don’t forget to record your pre-tupping shearling ewe weights to monitor ewe mature size, especially in maternal flocks retaining females. Signet can also store data on flock ewe weights and body condition score providing the date of weight is known. This information can be submitted in the ways described above in the ‘census’ section.

If you need further assistance, please contact Signet on 024 7647 8829 or email: signet@ahdb.org.uk

Top tips on how to buy a ram – health & breeding decisions

Join AHDB’s Signet Breeding Specialist, Emma Steele and Fiona Lovatt from Flock Health Ltd, for a webinar giving you top tips for buying and looking after your rams, along with how to give them a ram MOT and understanding the estimated breeding values (EBV’s).

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The importance of performance, with Jamie Wild and Andrew Walton

Listen to the new Signet podcast with Jamie Wild and Andrew Walton. Both Jamie and Andrew have performance recorded Charollais flocks and commercial ewes producing prime lamb. They discuss what recording means to them, how they use the information they get back and the importance they place on performance in both their pedigree and commercial flocks. They also discuss ChazCompare, the RamCompare bolt-on project they set up to progeny test their own rams.

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12 - 13 September 2019
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Optimising Lamb Performance: Warwickshire
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Optimising Lamb Performance: Norfolk
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1 October
Optimising Lamb Performance: North Yorkshire
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2 October
North Yorkshire Moors Swaledale Group Open Day
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15 - 17 November
Sheep Breeders Round Table
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