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Coach Mom Newsletter - FEB 2013

Project Cupid:
Love Notes from God

My friend Robyn returned home from work last week to find a note on her front door telling her that someone had paid her rent for the month of February. When she called the office to ask if she might give them a thank you note to pass to the gift giver, the office attendant said that she didn’t have any contact information. She told Robyn that this incident had impacted her significantly and she had been emotional about it all day. Robyn was able to share with her how much God love to give us undeserved gifts. Not only did Robyn receive a wonderful blessing, but others did also, making His Name even greater.

“This service that you perform [giving] is not only supplying the needs of God’s people but is also overflowing in many expressions of thanks to God. Because of the service by which you have proved yourselves, men will praise God for the obedience that accompanies your confession of the gospel of Christ, and for your generosity in sharing with them and with everyone else.”

2 Corinthians 9:12-13

I would like to present Project Cupid: Would you be willing to pray and ask God who he would want you to share His love with this Valentine's Day? Perhaps you could even include your children in the fun.

A few ideas of random acts of generosity (remember to include a “God loves you” message):

  • Pick up the tab for a couple at a restaurant.

  • Donate a few dollars towards the order of the person behind you in a drive-through line.

  • List something for sale online, then give it to the person when you meet to do the transaction.

  • Take flowers to someone who might not have a Valentine.

  • Anonymously give a grocery store gift card to a family who is struggling financially.

  • Offer to babysit for a couple who needs a date night.

  • Make Valentine cards for friends who might not have a special Valentine.

As you pray and ask God who He wants you to share His love with, He may lead you to give a gift that doesn’t cost money. On my flight to South Africa last March, an unexpected “mission” opportunity came my way before we ever arrived. I was sitting in the middle seat of the plane’s middle section, which had five seats across. As the plane took off that afternoon, I heard a baby about twenty rows ahead of me screaming. I hate to admit it, but my thoughts were only That poor mother. I’m glad I’m not sitting right beside them! As the nine-hour flight progressed I noticed the mother standing up and working with the baby much of the time.  Did I think of helping her? No, not a thought.

Then, in the middle of the night, when the plane was quiet and almost everyone was asleep, the baby started up again, with a blood-curdling scream. I immediately was wide awake and had the prompt to go help her.  Go help her? I asked. Lord, if you want me to go help her you are going to have to wake up someone to let me out of this row. Not a second after I prayed that prayer, the man who was fast asleep to my left jolted awake, took off his seatbelt and walked to the back of the plane. That left two open seats for me to get to the left aisle, the aisle the baby and mother were on. Okay, Lord, that’s obviously my cue.

I introduced myself to the woman (who I’m not sure knew English, but was happy to let me hold the baby nevertheless), and she handed over her baby to me. After about a minute, members of the crew came to me and told me I could not stand there because the screaming was waking everyone up, and they moved me to the back of the plane. I motioned for the mom to come with me and then found her a seat and signaled for her to get some sleep. She immediately drifted off and slept almost two hours. I couldn’t believe how alert I felt standing holding the baby in the middle of the night, a reminder of how God always provides when we obey.

During those hours, members of the crew came to me one at a time to tell me how much they admired what I was doing for that mother. That gave me a chance to share with them that actually I am really much too selfish to think of it myself. But I love and serve God, and I felt He had awakened me and told me to go help. I am confident the story about my prayer, and the immediate answer of the man waking up and moving out of the way had some impact. Wow! I was blessed with the opportunity to be the hands of God to a needy person, the mother was blessed with some much-needed rest, and the crew was blessed to see God’s love in action.

Other gifts that don’t cost money:

  • A smile

  • A hug

  • A prayer

  • An act of service

  • Time

Three cheers for Project Cupid, and I can’t wait to hear how God loves people through you!


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February Giveaway: Cleaning House

Congratulations to Terri Rawls and Karen Runyan, winners of Kay Wyma’s book Cleaning House: A Mom’s Twelve-Month Experiment to Rid Her Home of Youth Entitlement. If you didn’t win last month, you have a second chance!

Kay has donated two more books to give away. To enter the drawing, accept the “Project Cupid Challenge”  (see above), email Brenna and write “Project Cupid” in the subject line.

Bonus: Those who email Brenna and share the generous act they did for Project Cupid will be entered two more times in the drawing.  Just write “Project Cupid follow-up” in the subject line.

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On a Muddy Road in Africa

Brenna's recent trip to Sierra Leone brought more that and opportunity to minister and serve. It brought a big lesson about truly living what you believe. Read the post on Brenna's Blog.

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Amy Knapp's Christian Family Organizer

Close-out on Amy Knapp’s Christian Family Organizers – only $9 each, while supplies last.

Email Brenna to arrange for pick up. Shipping an additional $3.99.

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