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In honor of 4/20, here’s a sampling of The Conversation’s latest marijuana coverage – from an article that scrutinizes the CBD fad, to an analysis of marijuana's healing potential, to a piece that looks at what happens when your pet gets high off pot.

Leading off is a story on the gender gap in marijuana that explores why men may tend to favor legalization more than women.

Nick Lehr

Arts + Culture Editor

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While 68 percent of men now support marijuana legalization, only 56 percent of women do. Edgard Garrido

Marijuana legalization – a rare issue where women are more conservative than men

Laurel Elder, Hartwick College; Steven Greene, North Carolina State University

Could mothers be responsible for the gender gap? Or are other factors at play?

Does legalizing marijuana help or harm Americans? Weighing the statistical evidence

Liberty Vittert, Washington University in St Louis

Before marijuana was legalized, people argued over how it would affect taxes, crime and teens. But only now is there enough data to settle some of these debates.

Marijuana is a lot more than just THC - a pharmacologist looks at the untapped healing compounds

James David Adams, University of Southern California

Marijuana is known for delivering a good high. But the plant's uses go well beyond the recreational. Marijuana contains a trove of medicinal compounds whose uses we are just now discovering.

CBD: Rising star or popular fad?

Jenny Wilkerson, University of Florida; Lance McMahon, University of Florida

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is being touted in popular culture as a miracle cure-all. From creams to gummies and more, CBD has exploded onto the health scene. But what does the science actually say?

Your pet on pot, or even CBD: Not a good thing, a vet toxicologist explains

John P. Buchweitz, Michigan State University

As marijuana and its derivatives are sold legally in more states, pets are getting into pot, accidentally. And some owners are intentionally giving them CBD. A vet explains the dangers.

Why do so many Americans now support legalizing marijuana?

Amy Adamczyk, City University of New York; Christopher Thomas, John Jay College of Criminal Justice; Jacob Felson, William Paterson University

As politically polarized as the country may seem, when it comes to marijuana, Americans across the spectrum have changed their minds. A new study says it's all thanks to the media.

Can artisanal weed compete with ‘Big Marijuana’?

Ryan Stoa, Concordia University School of Law

About two-thirds of Americans now live in states where marijuana is legal for medicinal or recreational purposes, leading some to worry corporate and Wall Street interests will take over the industry.