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Thursday 26 February 2015

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Embrace responsible conduct of research and integrity management

by Prof. Omar Yaakob

Omar Yaakob on the need for responsible conduct of research and integrity management in Malaysian universities.

Upcoming professional development programs and subjects

Leading and Managing in Universities: Critical Insights for Academic and Corporate Leaders

'Know the sector...' 15-17 April 2015, Canberra
'Know the organisation...' 10-12 June 2015, Melbourne
'Know the person...' 5-7 August 2015, Sydney

Strengthen your understanding of the higher education sector, benefit from current leaders' insights and refine your practical skills through engagement with peers. These are some of the benefits of our new Leading and Managing in Universities program. Known as Tertiary Education Leadership in previous years, this year's program is made up of three standalone workshops with focus moving from the sector, to the organisation, to the personal/professional level. Participants will be organised into two interwoven strands to address the similar and different needs of university academic and corporate leaders. They will also be encouraged to recognise the importance of self-reflection in order to develop resilience in environments of constant change. Read more about this program on our website.


Budgeting and Financial Management for Tertiary Education Managers

28-29 May 2015, Melbourne
17-18 September 2015, Sydney

Given the decrease in funding for the sector, managing budgets within a tertiary education context brings particular challenges and requires a unique understanding of how organisations operate and the financial systems which support their activities. This program provides an opportunity to enhance your understanding of financial systems, tools and processes, and optimise their use to improved management and strategic planning.


Effectively Handling Allegations and Investigations of Research Misconduct

26 May 2015, Perth
5 June 2015, Sydney

Learn how to handle allegations of research misconduct and the various codes of conduct governing research.


Emerging Leaders and Managers Program (eLAMP)

Available for guided cohorts or individual study program. Next start date for individual program is 23 March.

A unique and contextualised professional development program to equip you and your institution with the necessary skills to navigate the complexities of the tertiary education sector.


Managing Tertiary Education Teaching and Learning

2 March - 1 May 2015, online

Subject on managing effective student learning in tertiary education.


Managing International Tertiary Education

11 May-3 July 2015, online

Subject providing an overview of the key elements of leading and managing internationalisation in tertiary education.


Institutional Governance in Tertiary Education

2 March-1 May 2015, online

Subject on the key elements of effective institutional governance in tertiary education.

Research project and submission for VET sector

Profiling diversity of providers within the Australian VET industry

The LH Martin Institute is leading a major research project on the nature and diversity of the Australian Vocational Education and Training (VET) industry which is modelled on the Institute's previous research on Australia's University sector.

We would like to invite large public and private VET providers in Australia to participate and assist with our data collection. Read more about this project on our website or contact our Associate Director Associate Professor Ruth Schubert for more information.

Submission: Review of Training Packages and Accredited Courses

The LH Martin Institute made a submission to the national VET Reform Taskforce as part of its Review of Training Packages and Accredited Courses. Read the submission.

Public events at the Melbourne CSHE


The Neuroscience of PowerPoint

1-2pm, 11 March 2015, Barbara Falk Room, Level 1, 715 Swanston St, Carlton (Melbourne)

Jarod Horvath from the University of Melbourne's School of Psychological Sciences will explore what the neuroscienctific, psychological, and educational research says about what does (and does not!) work with slideware.


The Age of STEM: Educational policy and practice across the world in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

12.30-1.30pm, 12 March 2015, Barbara Falk Room, Level 1, 715 Swanston St, Carlton (Melbourne)

Four of the book’s authors will present its key findings.

LH Martin Institute community news


Ruth Schubert appointed Associate Director of LH Martin Institute

The LH Martin Institute is proud to announce Associate Professor Ruth Schubert as its new Associate Director. Ruth joined the Institute in 2014 as Program Director and was Director of Business Transformation at TAFE South Australia prior to that. Regarding the appointment, Institute Director Leo Goedegebuure said that he was delighted and convinced that together they can take the Institute to greater heights in the new Melbourne CSHE context. Congratulations Ruth!

New professional staff structure

As announced  in December, the LH Martin Institute has undergone a structural change to become part of the new Melbourne Centre for the Study of Higher Education, or Melbourne CSHE. As part of that change, a new professional staff structure is in place to provide support for the Institute's programs and events. Over the coming weeks, if not already, you will see their names in our communications or perhaps meet them in person. So we would like to take this opportunity to get you acquainted with their names and roles. Some of whom you may be familiar with already.

  • Anna Steer - Centre Manager
  • Cara McGrain - Executive Assistant (starting in March)
  • Sylvia Schaffarczyk - Professional Development Manager
  • Michelle van Kampen - Professional Development Coordinator
  • Amalie Hart - Program Officer
  • Molly McKew - Program Officer
  • Dina Uzhegova - Program Officer (starting in March)
  • Caitland Coulson - Administrative Assistant
  • Marisa Simanjuntak Saeter - Communications Coordinator

New Honorary Fellows

Apart from new staff, we also welcomed two new Honorary Fellows to the LH Martin Institute family: Dr Janet Beard and Dr Jeanette Baird. Dr Beard brings with her more than thirty years of experience in management roles at three Australian universities and Dr Baird her extensive knowledge on quality assurance standards as well as management and academic positions in Australian universities. Welcome aboard Janet and Jeanette.

Leo Goedegebuure appointed editor of The Changing Academy series

Leo Goedegebuure together with his colleague Timo Arrevaara from the University of Helsinki have been appointed the new editors of Springer’s “The Changing Academy Series”. So far the series has primarily focused on publishing the research outcomes of the Changing Academic Profession (CAP) project, resulting in fourteen edited volumes with another six in the pipeline. The new editors aim to broaden the scope of the series by including a focus on academic careers in the STEM disciplines and by addressing the career prospects and expectations of the younger academic generation. The series will retain its international comparative character that has proven to be one of its strong and distinguishing features. Two books in the series have received the “Best Book Award” from the Comparative and International Education Society. If you are undertaking conceptual or empirical work in this area and believe you can add to our stock of knowledge please contact the editors with a brief outline.


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