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Hello friends! It's been quite the busy 2012 at Innovative Polymers as we continue our role as a trendsetter within the thermoset polyurethane marketplace. This March, we introduced our new USDA-approved bio-based polyurethane line for the environmentally conscious consumer! Also, in order to make selection of our products as easy as possible for you, we've created new trade names for our materials. Read on and see what's new at Innovative Polymers!

Biobased Casting Polyurethanes

Innovative Polymers chemists have developed a series of casting polyurethanes using 26% to 40% soy-oil based polyols, a rapidly renewable feedstock produced as a co-product of soybeans grown and processed as a food source for humans and livestock.

USDA approved as Biopreferred, the InnoGreen™ polyurethanes product line includes elastomers with Shore 30A to 90A hardnesses as well as one rigid Shore 80D system.

The new biobased materials are suitable for use in hand-batch and vacuum-assisted casting processes. Click here for link to complete news release.

New Tradenames

To help you distinguish the performance differences among our various polyurethanes, we've restructured our product lines using new tradenames and processing categories. Our thermosets now fall under the Innothane® polyurethane trademark, and within this group of polyurethanes are the following product families: Click on each product for more information.

InnoTuf™ abrasion- and impact-resistant polyurethanes comprise two different polyurethane series. "HP" systems include Shore A and Shore D hardness materials with high elongation, tear strength and Tabor Abrasion properties. "TP" systems are Shore D hardness materials with excellent notched impact strength, high tensile strength and excellent heat resistance.

Inno-FR™ flame-retardant polyurethanes include Shore A and D hardness products that meet UL 94 V-0 requirements and includes materials certified with yellow cards through United Laboratories (UL).

InnoClear™ water-clear polyurethanes are Shore A hardness materials with high tear strength and good elongation and Shore D hardness, high flexural modulus products that can be buffed and polished.

InnoTooling™ moldmaking polyurethanes include Shore A elastomers with good abrasion resistance and tear strength and high strength, low shrink Shore D systems.

Classic polyurethanes (formerly under our "IE" industrial casting classification) include Shore A and D hardness industry favorite systems for hand- and mass-casting of prototypes and parts.

Rotomolding polyurethanes are formulated with low viscosities and long gel times to perform in rotational casting applications.

RapidCast™ polyurethanes cure fast and are designed for molding functional ABS- and polypropylene-like prototype parts via automated meter/mix dispensing.

RapidVac™ polyurethanes consist of Shore A hardness, good tear strength systems and Shore D hardness materials (including water-clear products) for vacuum-assisted casting of void-free parts that exhibit high flexural modulus and elevated heat deflection temperatures.

Tech Tip: Guidelines for Materials Selection

With so many cast polyurethane systems available in the marketplace today, selecting the best material for a new prototype or part can be a most challenging process. Innovative Polymers' experienced technical service team specializes in helping our customers evaluate and choose materials. To provide this service effectively, we must have specific project information such as:

  • Part performance properties
  • Processing and handling criteria
  • Special requirements

It is by working in partnership with customers that we can most accurately answer the often asked question, "Which material will meet my needs?" Click here for full article.

As always, we at Innovative Polymers remain firmly committed to helping you through any problem or program, simple or challenging. We hope to hear from you soon!

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