Each month, LeadLines will feature an activity, resource guide and corresponding curriculum lesson that match the month's theme.

May: Working With New Student Members


This Month's News & Notes...

  SETSEG Scholarship

Due this coming Friday, May 5! Make sure your leaders get their application in! Our partners at SETSEG show their generosity and commitment to student leadership offering 65 full ride scholarships worth $26,000! Make sure your students apply for a life-changing program. Click here for more information!

  Summer Camp

Registration for our Summer Leadership Camp is now open! Make sure to share this information with students and parents! Our camp program is designed to change student perspective and promote the best our young leaders have to offer. This week of leadership training is sure to be one of the greatest experiences in their young lives. Click here for details.

  Summer Camp Staff Team

Looking for a rewarding, educational experience? Look no further. Join our 2017 Summer Camp staff team! Our staff of 75 educators from across the state take part in a week-long leadership counselor experience, molding the minds and changing the lives of student leaders. One of the most uplifting experience any educator could have. Click here for our Summer Camp Staff Interest form.

  Summer Leadership Seminars

Our Summer Leadership Seminars are exclusive to member school students and advisers who want to grow their own leadership skills and programs. Here, advisers can choose from a number of curriculum categories to build a program that fits their own needs! To make this event even more accessible, pick a date that best fits your students' needs and MASC/MAHS Student Leadership will come to your District/School to deliver the curriculum of your choice - on your campus! Click here for more information!

  New Lesson Planning

"The Bigs Program" is a new, easy-to-use career exploration program that can be done during an assembly in less than an hour. It works to excite and motivate students by teaching them how to find, get, and do a great job! The program consists of "The Bigs" textbook for each student and an entertaining instructional video, Q&A, and lesson plans. The program was developed by Bigs founder and former Wall Street CEO, Ben Carpenter, as a way of giving back and helping students connect their educations to their career hopes and dreams.Click here to learn more.

  EdCon 2017 - The Secondary Education Conference

MASSP’s annual conference is the premier secondary educational event in Michigan. The three-day conference includes nationally renowned keynote speakers and breakout sessions on current topics relevant to the building leader. Learn more and join us!

  Your School is Not A Corn Field

Written By: Dave Colon

Some people have used a description of education as a process of planting seeds and helping them to grow over the course of time. With the implementation of modern agricultural technology, farming itself has gone very high tech; crop yields have tripled and quadrupled through farmers paying strict attention to the numbers associated with these new technologies. This quantitative approach has produced crops that are uniform in size and quality, and the modern corn farmer can crunch the numbers and tell you how tall his crop will be and its yield per acre without even getting his boots dirty. This same adherence and absorption with numbers is happening in education, and the expected success rates of our students are being predicted, monitored, and analyzed. Read more here!

  Upcoming Events

Click here to download and print a copy of our upcoming event schedule, the Leadership Lineup. You can also always refer to the MASC/MAHS website.

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