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We are pleased to announce the release of firmware version 2.1 for the VBOX 3i range, which sees some major new features, giving an even greater scope in your ADAS testing. The new firmware is available to download here >

  • Multiple Contact Points
  • Multiple Static Point for Traffic Sign Recognition
  • Dual Antenna Heading
  • Fixed CAN Delay
  • Four Contact Points for Park Assist Testing
  • Improved Kalman Filter

  • To take advantage of the new features the following products will need to be upgraded: VBOX 3i, VBOX 3i RTK, VBOX 3i dual antenna, VBOX 3i dual antenna RTK, VBOX Manager, IMU04, CAN02, VBOX Tools.

    If you need any assistance in upgrading your equipment, in the first instance please take a look at the new Racelogic Support website >

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    Multiple Contact Points

    To assist in the testing of ADAS applications such as Blind Spot Monitoring and Rear Cross Path Detection, it is now possible to ‘map’ the shape of vehicles using a survey pole, antenna, and VBOX File Manager. Up to twenty-four points around the vehicle bodies can be surveyed, and the ‘shape’ of each car can be stored for later use. As the test is conducted, the distance of the closest contact points between the vehicles is calculated to +/-2cm accuracy, automatically switching to the nearest contact points as they change with the car’s relative positions.

    This allows for multiple procedures to be completed without having to reconfigure for individual contact points – such as moving from right rear to left rear flank during blind spot testing. This video demonstrates how the system works:


    Multiple Static Point for Traffic Sign Recognition

    This allows up to 100 roadside targets to be surveyed, creating a GPS map of their locations. Minimum and maximum range and detection angle can be applied to simulate test equipment limitations. As the vehicle is driven towards them and the targets fall within the detection zone, the range, angle, and time-to-collision parameters of up to five are simultaneously displayed and logged, with further points being tracked as the closer ones are passed. This system is ideal for the development and validation of traffic sign recognition systems, among others.


    Dual Antenna Heading

    Vehicle heading is now taken from dual rather than single antennas in ADAS applications. An accurate and stable heading is vital as it forms part of the calculations on all separation channels and contact reference points. Twin antenna heading provides these advantages:

    • Heading and separation values at zero velocity
    • No drift like that of a single antenna or IMU derived heading
    • Significantly reduced noise, especially in low-dynamic testing
    • Dual antenna heading within ADAS mode allows for a smaller antenna separation and no need for a roof pole – without an increase in signal noise - due to yaw rate smoothing from an IMU 03 or 04
    • The new stable heading enables full integration with steering robots >


    Fixed CAN delay

    By enabling a very accurate GPS timing pulse, the latency in CAN output can be set to a fixed delay. Whilst it makes the transmission delay longer than the average of standard output, the fixed delay ensures timing stability. Currently the latency is 8.5ms +/- 1ms, but for those who require precisely fixed output timing, it can be set to 15.5ms. Fixed CAN Delay is only possible on Version 3 VBOX3i, VBOX 3i dual antenna, and VBOX 3i dual antenna RTK units.


    Four Contact Points for Park Assist Testing

    In Lane Departure Mode, four rather than two contact points can now be set which allows for the range of the rear corners of the vehicle to the lane edge to be calculated. This feature has been conceived with Park Assist testing in mind.


    Improved Kalman Filter

    All channels that output via the Kalman Filter benefit from improvements to the algorithm. In addition, an ‘IMU04 ready’ VBOX3i (V2 with upgrade or V3) can now use an IMU03 for Lever-Arm Compensation.

    IMU integration ensures accurate test results in areas of unreliable satellite reception, and with the IMU03 capable of providing Lever Arm Compensation it makes a lot of sense to upgrade your VBOX 3i to the latest specification – contact your local distributor who can provide further details.

    Find your nearest VBOX Distributor here >


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