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WELCOME to Secon Newsletter, Issue 3. 



Professional Services Presentations

Our current Professional Services Presentations have been a huge success. We freely offer these presentations to our clients.  The presentations cover various aspects of building services design.  Presentations on offer (to date) include:-

- Air Conditioning Types and Selections

- Hot Water Systems

- Lighting Design Options

- Role of the Electrical Consultant

For any further information on these presentations or to book one for your staff, please contact:-

Brynn Jarrett – Senior Engineer – Hydraulic and Fire Services ,OR
Andrew Burrow – Senior Engineer – Mechanical Services ,OR
Anthony Davidson – Principal Engineer – Electrical, Electronic and Vertical Transportation Services

We are open to your suggestions on other presentation we could provide.  Feel free to send your ideas to

Web site

We are very excited about our brand new website.  It would be great if you visited us at

Thank you, once again, to all of our clients who provided us with photographs of completed projects and gave us permission to post them on our website for all to see.

It is our intention to continue improving and expanding the site and we would greatly appreciate any feedback that you may have.

Your Feedback is Welcome

Thank you to those who have returned feedback forms, your comments are very valuable and enable us to continually improve. 

"If you are not delighted with our service tell us, if you are delighted tell others"

Greener Ways

We are always looking for cost-effective greener design solutions to benefit the end user and the environment.



Secon is committed to documenting in Autodesk Revit MEP, a 3D parametric Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing building systems documentation package.  Most of our projects are now being documented in 3D.

See a list of projects that Secon have recently documented in Revit MEP at

Plumbing Code of Australia (PCA) 2012 Information seminar

Brynn Jarrett and Matthew Fechner recently attended the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) PCA 2012 Information Seminar.  We will advise on the key PCA changes very soon.

A Price on Carbon Affecting Building Services

The governments carbon pricing mechanism or Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) will come into effect from July this year.  This should improve the business case for upgrading or retrofitting existing buildings, but for a large number of our clients what it really means in the immediate future is a higher cost of energy - driven by increased electricity production costs passed on to the consumer.  The costs for new construction projects are also expected to rise due to indirect impacts such as expected price rises for building products (concrete, steel and glass) which require a lot of energy to manufacture.
An item not commonly discussed in the media is the effect of the global warming penalty tax on the price of hydroflurocarbon (HFC) refrigerants commonly used for commercial and residential air conditioning. For example, the current price of refrigerant R410A is approximately $60/kg but due to the moderately high Global Warming Potential (GWP) of this refrigerant its price is set to increase by approximately $50/kg. For a new school building with 5 classrooms and 2 offices the price of the mechanical services could rise by more than $2000. One simple way to reduce the effect of this increase in refrigerant price will be to locate the outdoor air-conditioning plant closer to the indoor plant. This will reduce the amount of refrigerant pipework and therefore the required refrigerant.
However it is not all bad news.  On a positive note, there will be no real price increase on carbon fibre bicycles… all you cyclists out there can breathe a sigh of relief!
There are many ways in which Secon can help you reduce the impact of the carbon tax and increase the energy efficiency of your next project, please contact us to discuss….


This recently completed high-profile project involved major refurbishment to the existing multi-storey Riddoch building and a new multi-storey extension.

The services Secon provided include vertical transportation, general and feature lighting, communications reticulation, power reticulation, MATV, digital media, monitored fire detection and security,  plus sanitary plumbing, hot and cold water systems, air conditioning and exhaust systems.  Features of the services included Co2 controlled outdoor air supply and a humidity and temperaure controlled art gallery and art storage areas plus extensive use of C-Bus to control lighting.

Architect: Chapman Herbert Architects
Builder: Dycer Constructions

Photography courtesy of Chapman Herbert Architects

ABC News links:

 Video of the official opening:-




Main Corner, Mount Gambier


This project involved refurbishment of 1200m2 of office space.

The services Secon provided include upgrade to existing site infrastructure, power and telecommunications reticulation, internal and external lighting, sanitary plumbing, hot and cold water reticulation, air conditioning with heat recovery and toilet exhaust systems.

Architect: Nelson Architects
Builder: HT Constructions

Photography courtesy of Mathew Langbrandner of Four/Four Photography

77 Wakefield Street, Adelaide


Secon were appointed by the District Council of Mount Barker to design and supervise the lighting installation for the Multi-purpose sports complex to the existing Anembo Park site consisting of outside tennis courts, two soccer pitches, a softball pitch and private roadway lighting. Constraints included the existing terrain and the preservation of significant trees on the site.  The park was also open to the public throughout the project, introducing many health and safety considerations and logistical issues that had to be considered and monitored throughout the construction period.
The tennis lighting requirement comprised six courts (to be illuminated in accordance with Tennis S.A. and Tennis Australia requirements for Pro Tour Events). The lighting of the soccer pitches was required  to facilitate training and amateur competition in line with Australian Standards and the softball pitch required lighting levels and uniformity to accommodate ‘international and national’ competitions.

Secon’s work also included an ETSA supply upgrade to facilitate the increased demand (and potential future expansions of the sports lighting) and co-ordinating all infrastructure and cabling routes with the Council and Arborist.

Client: District Council of Mount Barker
Contractor: PRA Electrical

Anembo Park


Project Overview:
New multi-storey mixed use building (ground level- retail and restaurant facilities; 3 level podium carpark; 5 levels of office space; 3 levels of penthouse apartments and roof level swimming pool and entertainment area).

Secon provided Mechanical, Hydraulic and Fire services and liased closely with Sabect who provided the electrical services.

Secon also provided rainwater harvesting and reticulation.  The mechanical services incorporated VRF ducted air conditioning, smoke spill systems to offices and stairwell pressurisation.

Architect: JPE Design Studio
Builder: Hansen Yuncken

Photography courtesy of JPE Design Studio

Wave Building, King William Street


Because Secon is flexible, professional, reliable and prompt.

At Secon your project will never be allocated to an inexperienced engineer. 

Our mission is to "provide the best professional service tailored to meet our clients' needs". We do this by always allocating a Director, Principal or senior staff member to each project, to ensure that we achieve the best possible outcome for our client and the end user.


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