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ASPHN Creates an Online Resource Hub for Nutrition Professionals

With the launch of PublicHealthNutrition.org, ASPHN has just made it easier for public health nutritionists (PHNs) to increase their knowledge and skills. This new and dynamic online nexus is the first and only one of its kind dedicated exclusively to providing links to hundreds of resources and programs available to PHNs.

The Information within the site is organized by the profession's broad categories of practice (Nutrition, Advocacy, Communication, Research, PSE, and Leadership) and sub-categorized by "indicators." The indicators are accompanied by clear definitions of what they encompass and offer links to resources developed by government agencies, educational institutions, professional organizations and others.

According to Diane Peck, MPH, RDN, Early Care and Education (ECE) Obesity Prevention Coordinator for Alaska, "In my role as a state public health nutritionist, I need to be knowledgeable in so many different areas of practice. Having all these current resources in one place saves time and helps me get up to speed quickly." 

ASPHN is committed to keeping PublicHealthNutrition.org relevant and dynamic, features which Kelli Stader, MPH, RD, CLS, Nutrition Coordinator for Wisconsin values most about the website. Says Stader, "It's comprehensive, but well organized. And I love that it crowdsources information to stay current!"

ASPHN developed PublicHealthNutrition.org through its continuing work and partnership with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Public Health/Community Nutrition Practice Group. The new website is ideal for practicing public health nutritionists, as well as those starting in the field and even college students. Adds Stader, "This will be a great place to refer young professionals or those just getting into public health."

For more information or questions about the Public Health Nutrition website, please contact Shana Patterson, RDN at shana@asphn.org or 814 255-2829 ext. 708.

Founded in 1952, ASPHN is a non-profit membership organization that provides state and national leadership on food and nutrition policy, programs and services aimed at improving the health of our population. ASPHN’s membership is composed of more than 300 public health nutritionists located throughout all 50 states, the District of Columbia and five U.S. territories. ASPHN's vision is healthy eating and active living for everyone. You can find ASPHN on the web at www.asphn.org and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/asphn.