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Revised Notice for Maritime Mobile for On-board Communication in UHF band

The Radiocommunications Regulations (General User Radio Licence for Maritime UHF On-Board Communications) Notice was updated to include digital mode transmission as well as additional 12.5/6.25 kHz channelling within the existing raster in the frequency ranges 457.5125-457.5875 MHz and 467.5125-467.5875 MHz.  The previously available 12.5kHz and 25kHz channelling for analogue mode transmission remains available for use.

This provision is in line with the outcomes of World Radiocommunication Conference that concluded in November 2015.  The decision made under WRC-15 Agenda item 1.15, is to allow better use of the frequency ranges 457.5125-457.5875 MHz and 467.5125-467.5875 MHz for maritime on-board communications in line with Recommendation ITU-R M.1174-3.

The new version of this General User Radio Licence is available on the New Zealand Gazette website.

Reminder of Licensing of Television White Space Devices

RSM developed rules to allow the use of television white space (TVWS) devices following consultation in 2014.

These rules provide a licensing regime for the trial of TVWS in New Zealand.  The rules are incorporated in the current issue of the Spectrum Licence Certification Rules for Crown Management Rights (PIB 39).

RSM would like to remind you that TVWS device licensing is available.  Anyone seeking a licence should contact an Approved Radio Engineer.

View the list of independent radio engineers and certifiers available for public work.