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Cruise with a Mission - Newsletter

December 2, 2010 Special Issue: 2



In just over a week we will embark on this year's Cruise with a Mission! We look forward to seeing you there!!!

All participants must check-in online at hollandamerica.com. Simply click the "for booked guests" tab, followed by online check-in.

If you are not yet registered on the holland america website, please note that you must register and setup an account before you can check-in. This is also how you will be able to print the necessary documents provided by holland america. 

For help with check-in contact Kymberly, our HAL travel agent.

Projects Overview


We have a wide variety of mission activities this year. You will have the opportunity to sign up for these on the ship. Below are a list of our projects as well as the number of volunteers needed.  We ask that you prepare your packing for the possibility of  light construction/paint work.

 Our port directors have been working very hard to get several of these items in order.  But we have often found that even after months of planning there are last minute changes.  That is part of the adventure of mission trips :)

Florida Key West:

A Key Encounter and Key West Wild Life Center (64 volunteers needed)

City Environmental Projects (10 volunteers needed)

Salvation Army and Garden Club (12 volunteers needed)

SDA Church (8 volunteers needed)

Cayman Islands:

- Boys Home: Construction Work  (25-30 volunteers needed)

- Wesleyan Christian School: Clean-up (8-10 volunteers needed)

- Adventist school: Landscaping (15-20 volunteers needed)

- Adventist school Rally (5-10 volunteers needed)

- Hospital Cooking class (5 volunteers needed)

- Home: Painting and clean-up (10-15 volunteers needed)

- Roof repair on home of elderly couple (6-8 volunteers needed)

Click here for detailed information.


- Medical: Participants who are members of our medical staff will be working at this port.

- VBS: (25-30 volunteers needed)

- Community beautification projects: (30 volunteers needed)

- Orphanage: (25-30 volunteers needed)

We also need school supplies for about 50 students ranging from elementary to high school:  glue, pens, pencils, rulers, backpacks, calculators etc.

If you bring a few chidren's reading books we can pass these out at the schools we visit in Jamaica. (all these items will need to be stored in your room)

Click here for detailed information.

Specialized Support

Specialized Support

If there are any certified electricians joining us this year, please let us know as soon as possible.

Also if anyone is interested in teaching or leading out in a vegetarian cooking class contact us as well.