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New deadline for comments on MIPC BB Optimization Study Report

Comments due to CIF Friday, August 10 at 4 p.m.

The CIF was asked to present a summary of municipal comments at MIPC's September meeting on its Report on the Blue Box Optimization Study.  Last week, we requested your feedback on the study as well as next steps. We thank all those who have already provided input. For those who would still like to comment, the deadline is extended to 4 p.m. this Friday, August 10. 

Please provide your feedback
MIPC is seeking input to next steps, especially on how best to deploy the remaining funds that were set aside for the CIF. How should the study outcomes be used and what other options should be considered to optimize the system and/or reduce program costs? Please complete the "Next Steps" survey or contact Mike Birett with your comments.

Click for: Next Steps Survey
Click to view: CIF website (see "Review the Report.")
Contact CIF Director Mike Birett: or 905-936-5661.

New regulation for sharps and pharma

MOE seeks comment by September 17

The MOE has entered a 47 day consultation period on a proposed regulation to require producers of pharmaceuticals and sharps to set up an EPR program.  For municipalities that are concerned about the management of sharps and pharmaceuticals in your community, you should comment on this draft regulation to ensure that the new program meets your community's needs.

View MOE's plain language regulation
The MOE has posted a plain language version of the proposed regulation and seeks comments, particularly about whether the proposed service levels for various communities are adequate. Also of interest are the requirements for public education and communications (levels, frequency, types of media) by the industry to ensure residents are aware of local options and the requirements for public reporting and obligation for dealing with reported program performance issues. 

The new program is due to take effect on Monday, October 1, 2012, with a three-month transition for selected items.

Comments due on September 17
Please review the documents, then provide your comments to Mike Birett, CIF or to Rob Milligan, AMO. You may also provide direct comment to the MOE by using the 'comment' button on the EBR listing page.

View the report at the Environmental Registry (EBR registry number 011-6671).

OES consults on Processor Incentive Program

Ontario Electronic Stewardship (OES) is conducting consultation on changes to its Processor Incentive Program (PIP) with a webcast for processors and key stakeholders on July 26 and an upcoming meeting on Wednesday, August 15. If your municipality is involved in this program, the pending changes may impact service levels and your budget for 2013. We encourage you to participate.

Find out more: OES Consultation web page

CIF seeks project manager

Applications due August 10 at 4:30 pm

CIF is seeking a project manager with an in-depth understanding of recycling program operations and financial aspects of Ontario's waste system. We invite submissions from qualified applicants by Friday, August 10, 2012.

Find out more: CIF project manager

Carton Council of Canada seeks input to carton recycling improvements

Recyclers invited to attend fall focus group

On July 25, a small group of municipal recyclers met with representatives of the Carton Council of Canada (CCC) to discuss strategies for successful carton recycling in Ontario programs.

The goal was to highlight key issues and seek new ways to work together to recycle as many juice boxes and milk cartons as possible. The CCC appreciated the time and effort that participants took to participate in this session. This group looks forward to hosting a second session this fall to gain further insights as the CCC develops strategies to provide additional support for carton recycling in Ontario.

To find out more about CCC, visit
To receive information about the fall focus group, email: