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Don’t sit back and wait for a headhunter to call; it’s time to get proactive in your job search

Looking for a new job is a proactive decision – not many senior corporate comms professionals realise this.  You may contact one or two search consultants, and perhaps apply to a LinkedIn advert you have spotted, however this isn’t enough, not in this market.  It takes energy and focus when it comes to your job search, especially when you are at a more senior level.  There are fewer roles, the higher you climb. 
What you may not realise is that an extraordinary number of roles are not filled by adverts or given to search agencies; they are actually filled by people’s own networks.  If you think about it, the first thing a Director of Comms will do, when a role comes up, is ask the team, ‘Who do we know?’  If there is someone in their network, who is rated highly, I can tell you now, that’s the person who will get the call first.  I wouldn’t be surprised if 80% of roles are filled this way.  Consequently, many roles never see the light of day, so what are you doing about putting your name forward and preparing for your job search? 

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