We've added two new locations that'll help members on both sides of the Strait travel a little easier.

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April 2016 — Victoria Edition

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Tsawwassen and Swartz Bay are on our map!

Heather, our Modo staff member in Victoria, has the scoop on our newest location below!


Wouldn’t it be nice to get off the ferry in Tsawwassen and just drive away? Now you can.


As of April 5th Modo has two cars located at the Tsawwassen ferry terminal, and two Modo spots at the Swartz Bay side of the water will be joining soon.


At Tsawwassen, you can book a 2014 grey Chevrolet Orlando (#562) and a 2012 red Toyota Matrix (#342), located right next to the vehicle entrance for long-term parking at the terminal!


Have an appointment in Vancouver, or elsewhere on the in the Lower Mainland? Want to spend a long weekend in Whistler? IKEA runs, or drop-offs and pick-ups at the Vancouver airport? Your off-Island trips just got easier.


Ferry vehicles were a regular request we heard from members and thanks to the amalgamation one year ago — and prolonged efforts to secure parking — your trips can be a breeze. Same goes for our friends and relatives on the Lower Mainland, who can soon grab a Modo at Swartz Bay to toodle around the Island. Prepare the guest room!

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Modo Moves

Greater Victoria


North Saanich

COMING SOON at Swartz Bay Ferry: Lower Mainland members will soon be able to cross the ferry on foot, and find a Modo waiting at the other side! Choose from a 2014 brown Chevrolet Orlando (#528)  or a 2012 red Toyota Matrix (#342). Both cars will live at the Swartz Bay Ferry Terminal, in long-term parking.


Victoria — Burnside

NEW LOCATION at The Gorge: We've added a 2014 red Nissan Versa Note (#478) at 215 Gorge Road East, between Washington Ave and Carroll St. Enter the first driveway west of the Travelodge hotel; our car is parked in the first space on the right.


Lower Mainland



CAR CHANGE at Bridgeport SkyTrain: There's now a 2016 Kia Sedona (#780) instead of a 2015 white one.


UPGRADE at Brighouse SkyTrain: A 2016 grey Nissan Rogue (#775) has replaced the 2012 Toyota Prius C.



NEW LOCATION at Tsawwassen Ferry: Victoria members can now cross the ferry on foot and find a Modo waiting on the other side! Choose from a 2013 grey Chevrolet Orlando (#562) or a 2012 red Toyota Matrix (#342). Both cars live at the Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal, next to the vehicle entrance for long-term parking.


Vancouver — Downtown

NEW LOCATION at Bentall 5: This is home to one of our new Premium Vehicles — a 2016 white Lexus IS 200T (#788) in the EasyPark lot at 535 Hornby St (Bentall 5 Tower) just to the right of the YWCA. This car is available at regular rates until May 1.


UPGRADE at Civic Plaza: A 2016 white Toyota Prius V (#783) has replaced the 2012 Toyota Matrix.


PREMIUM UPGRADE at Stadium SkyTrain: You can find a 2016 white Lexus IS 200T (#787) instead of a Ford Ranger. This car is available at regular rates until May 1.


CAR CHANGE at VCC Downtown: There's now a 2008 brown Ford Ranger pickup truck (#361) instead of a Nissan Versa Note.


Vancouver — Grandview-Woodland

UPGRADE at 10th & Commercial: You'll find a 2016 silver Toyota Prius C (#773) instead of a 2007 Yaris sedan.


UPGRADE at Lord Nelson School: A 2016 blue Honda Fit (#765) has replaced our 2013 Toyota Prius C. 


Vancouver — Kitsilano

CAR CHANGE at Waterloo Vancity: There's now a 2013 red Toyota Prius C (#458) instead of a Nissan Versa Note.


Vancouver — Marpole

UPGRADE at Marpole Park: You'll find a 2015 blue Nissan Versa Note (#692) instead of a Honda Fit.


Vancouver — Mount Pleasant

UPGRADE at 1 Kingsway: Find a 2016 Toyota Prius V (#785) instead of a Toyota Matrix.


UPGRADE at W 13th & Columbia: There's a 2016 blue Toyota Corolla (#782) instead of a Nissan Sentra.


Vancouver — Renfrew-Collingwood

UPGRADE at Nanaimo & Copley: A 2016 white Kia Soul (#776) has replaced the Toyota Corolla.


Vancouver — Strathcona

CAR CHANGE at Fire Hall 1: There's now a 2014 blue Chevrolet Orlando (#526) instead of a grey one.


Vancouver — West End

UPGRADE at Central Plaza: We've upgraded our Chevrolet Orlando to a 2016 grey Nissan Rogue (#774).


Vancouver — Yaletown

CAR CHANGE at 1400 Richards: You can now find a 2016 grey Kia Rondo (#784) in place of a Chevrolet Orlando.


WE'RE BACK at Granville Bridge: After a few months away, we've returned to our designated stall on Beach Crescent at the foot of Seymour Mews — just east of the bridge — with a 2013 silver Nissan Sentra (#483).

Member Profile: Accio

Heather, your Modo staff member on-the-ground in Victoria, spoke to Business members Carla and Mike of Accio.


Read how Modo helps them run their business and how they can help you get the things you need with this unique delivery service!

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Fix It with Farrell

Have you checked the glove box? You may have noticed all our cars are equipped with cleaning kits.

Farrell explains what's in them and how you can help us keep them stocked up for fellow members!

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Tips from Our Pros

Referral Credits may be old news for longtime Modo members, but it's definitely info new members won't want to miss!


This month, Anthony shares some helpful reminders on how easy it is to earn free drive time. His Top Tip of the Month? Get $25 free drive time for each new member!

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Seat Sale

Save 10% off your entire booking with Modo's Seat Sale!

Starting April 7th and ending April 27th.


Victoria, Burnside

  • The Gorge — a 2014 red Nissan Versa Note (#478)

Vancouver, South Cambie

  • West 20th & Oak — a 2014 blue Nissan Sentra (#515)

New Westminster

  • Eleventh & Auckland — a 2012 red Nissan Versa Hatch (#429)

Note: Any bookings at these specific locations during the Seat Sale period will automatically have the discount applied.

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Quick Poll

We've already had several bookings in our new Premium Vehicles!

Now they're on the grid, we're curious when you might join these early adopters in driving them. Take our Quick Poll!

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On the Blog

>> IN CASE YOU MISSED IT  Our poll with Insights West showed that 85% of Metro Van millennials would consider giving up their car in favour of carsharing. Our members Megan and Alicia already have!

>> MODO 8K RECAP  Thanks to everyone who posted their Modo 8k photos on Instagram and Twitter, and who shared a recap for our blog!

>> RUN FOR COOKIES Vancouver Sun blogger Gord Kurenoff joined us for the #Modo8k and shares his race day in a blog post.

>> GOING PREMIUM  We've added Premium Vehicles to our fleet! Two Lexus IS 200t are available for booking and a BMW X1 will be added upon occupancy at TELUS Garden. Until May 1st, all three premium cars run at Modo's regular rates!


>> MUSIC HEALS  Modo is still collecting your used iPods in all vehicles. We accept donations until Victoria Day, May 23rd.


>> PROMOTION  Opening a new credit union account? You could get up to $200 in Modo driving credits! More

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Community Calendar

May 30–June 5 — Bike to Work Week, Greater Victoria
Our friends at BTWW Greater Victoria are officially launching their 2016 season on April 13. Watch their website and social media for more details!
Modo is a proud sponsor of Bike to Work Week, Greater Victoria

Year-round — What's On at Intrepid Theatre
Intrepid Theatre operates two year-round theatres in Downtown Victoria. This month, catch The Gift and The Succubus: a gothic puppet tale. Details
Modo is a proud sponsor of Intrepid Theatre

Our Community Calendar is open to submissions for local events held within Greater Victoria and surrounding areas. To ensure our calendar remains focused, we ask interested parties for a perk for members in exchange for placement. This could be a small discount on admission or other event-related costs, or something that best suits your event.

Get in touch with us at marketing@modo.coop for more information!

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