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700 MHz auction clock round results

The clock round of the 700 MHz auction was held on 29 October 2013. Read the statement from the Minister for Communications and Information Technology.

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Radio Spectrum 2012/2013 Annual Report and 2013-2016 Business Outlook

The Radio Spectrum 2012/2013 Annual Report and 2013-2016 Business Outlook is now available on the RSM website.

The 2012-2013 Annual Report highlights our achievements over the past year where the 2013-2016 Business Outlook focuses on projects planned for the next three years.

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Licences to Supply Radio Transmitters now in SMART

The list of clients who hold a ‘Licence to Supply Radio Transmitters’ (previously known as a ‘Dealers Licence’) is now available on the Register of Radio Frequencies (SMART). You can search the list by selecting ‘Search Licences to Supply’ from the SMART homepage.

If you supply (or import for supply) radio apparatus, you can apply for a ‘Licence to Supply Radio Transmitters’ by completing the form on our website.

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An emergency paging system presents a safety risk

The use of 900MHz radiocommunication systems manufactured for the USA continues to be an occasional source of interference to cellular services in New Zealand. A recent investigation found that interference to a cell site was being caused by paging devices operating in the 902MHz to 915MHz frequency band allocated to the cellular service provider.

While devices are available on acceptable frequencies higher in the 900MHz band (921.5MHz to 928MHz), the band from 902MHz to 915MHz is available in New Zealand only for mobile phones, and the band between 915MHz and 921.5MHz is available only at extremely low transmitter power (less than 3 microwatts). Information is available on the RSM website for General User Radio Licence for Short Range Devices.

Ironically, while the paging devices were installed to provide an emergency calling system for a retirement village, their operation posed a risk to mobile phone services through a nearby cell site, and may have put emergency calls at risk.

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