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Connecting Community and Art Together

FORM is a non-for-profit cultural organisation that operates at the intesection of artistic excellence and community develop. The PUBLIC Symposium is a two day forum inspiring change through creativity and a centerpiece of the PUBLIC 2015 festival of art and ideas. This is exactly what Beaufort Street Network is all about... supporting community development and finding new innovative ideas on how we can work together with the community to create change.

We have been given the opportunity for 50 of our members to attend this event at no cost by simply saying in 100 words why you would benefit from attending on one or both days. Send your wise words to mail@form.net.au. Tickets are $350 for one day or $670 for 2 days so to have this opportunity to attend is pretty special!

Click here for more information on the outstanding program and quality of the guest speakers! This is one event that shouldnt be missed.

YOU can make a difference

Volunteers needed to Visit Senior Citizens in our Community

Nuhra Life coordinates the Community Visitors Scheme, a  Commonwealth funded programme that sends volunteers  to visit elderly isolated people in aged care facilities. Some of our senior citizens have few visitors and can feel lonely.

This program helps to connect volunteers with senior citizens in need. Nuhra Life has a team of 35 - 40 volunteers who visit on a fortnightly basis.  The Coordinatior of the program is Sonya, a woman with long experience in aged care.  For her this kind of volunteering  is “heartwork”  because  it gives a  message to the elderly  person  that “I want to be your friend,”  and  “I think your life is of value and is worthy of respect.”

This small act can change the life of someone in our community. If your Interested please Ring Nuhra Life Enrichment Centre on 9328 6272. For details of other Nuhra  programmes and workshops go to www.life-enrichment.com.au

Wanting to promote your business?

For any business that has wondered "what can I do to help the Beaufort Street Network"? here's your chance.

As a not for profit community group run purely by volunteers we run a pretty lean ship. We would love to get 3 more banners made up for our Art Market but at a cost of $160 each we do struggle
a little so thought if there were 3 businesses who would like to sponsor abanner we can change the layout and have the 3 logos of our supporters.

A great opportunity to promote your business whilst helping us at the same time. Please email us hello@beaufortstreet.com.au if you can help support a great community organisation.