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Dudley Creek works draw to a close

August 31 2018

Today marks the official end of the Dudley Creek Flood Mitigation Scheme works. We can confirm that the two site compounds have been wound up and handed back and the bulk of Dudley Creek contractors will be out of the area today. There will be some small planting and maintenance jobs to complete in coming weeks.

We’d like to say a huge thank you for your patience while we completed this vast engineering project. This work has reduced flood risk to more than 585 properties. With the works completed to date, and the Council’s Flood Intervention Policy, we have reduced the risk to all houses in the Flockton area that were previously at risk of frequent above floor flooding.
We understand, and appreciate, completing the Dudley Creek flood mitigation scheme has been a huge ask of the Shirley and Richmond communities, with years of mitigation works, and road works.

Former Flockton Street Residents Angela and Phil summed up what it’s meant to them in this letter:

To the residents of the Richmond area
We want to pass on our sincere appreciation to the residents of Richmond for what they have had to go through over the last few years during the flood mitigation works for the Flockton Basin area.  We can only imagine how difficult the constant noise, stress, road closures, disruption to businesses amongst many other things have been for you and we want to pass on our thank you for your understanding.
As a previous resident at the lower end of Flockton Street, I remember the stress and anxiety with each heavy rainfall, the lifting of everything in the house, the leaving home with our young baby/toddler each time the water reached the bottom of the house and the anxious wait to come back the next day to see how bad the damage was.  I am so thankful that the current residents in the Flockton Basin don't have to go through that again and again, and it is because of you and what you have endured in recent times that they can comfortably live in their homes and continue on with their lives without that fear and anxiety.  A very heartfelt thank you.

Here's what we've wrapped up in the last few months

St Albans Creek work between Stapletons Road and Slater Street
Work in this section of the creek has now been completed, and Slater Street has been re-opened.

Shirley Stream between Julius Terrace and Shirley Road.
Work in this section of creek is complete and the landscaping will be completed over the next few days. There is a small section of path that needs to be completed at the top end of Stapletons Road, but this is very minor works and will not require any road closures.

The construction compound on the former Anglican Living Site on Guild Street
The site has been cleared of all construction materials and will be sprayed with polymer to reduce the dust. Planting will be ongoing on the creek banks for a few weeks into Spring.

The construction compound on the Shirley Community Centre
The car parking area has been re-surfaced and white lines painted. The grass will be hydro-seeded and time will be needed to allow the grass to become established.

St Albans Creek work between Slater Street and Hills Road
The Council has decided to reprogramme the St Albans Creek work between Slater Street and Hills Road. The Council is still committed to completing these works at a later date, and once we have secured the permissions we need, the Council will be asked to approve the works under a new contract. We will continue to work with property owners here, and keep the community updated of any developments towards reprogramming.

Roads and footpaths

Our transport team will continue to work with the community on maintenance, roading and footpath works. If you would like to receive email updates on this please email richmond@ccc.govt.nz