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All in this together...


We are writing to update you about Scampers in this Covid 19 crisis.

Change in hours…

From today Scampers’ hours will be reduced. We will, until further notice, be open normal hours Tuesdays to Fridays, 9am-6pm and 9am-5.30pm on Saturdays but we will be closed on Sundays and Mondays, starting on 29th March.

There will also I'm afraid inevitably be a few more temporary changes, including our inability to take cash during this event as it is a known problem and our guys are at enough risk already as front line workers.  No cash will be accepted as from 24th March 2020, until further notice.


Our team and you are our first priority and we need to run our business with all of your healthcare foremost in our minds. Our amazing team have all been working round the clock to keep your pets fed and healthy and the store looking fantastic.

We have been inundated with new customers whose regular supermarkets, pet shops and online suppliers have let them down and although we are having huge fun showing people a better, healthier and more natural way to feed their pets, it has put a lot more pressure on all of us.

Our suppliers have been totally outstanding and Scampers has been a priority customer since the start of the panic buying phenomena across the UK. Our stocks are still great and we really appreciate the feedback we have had from you supporting our #NoPanicBuyingZone campaign in store!

Michelle has been running around every day trying to find essentials for our guys as by the time they leave work all the bulk buying shoppers have cleared all the loo roll, vegetables, cans and pasta! At least now they will all have a better opportunity to look after their families.

Special offers & FREE product…

Sadly, we have had to stop all special offers in store until things go back to normal. This includes all normal multi-buys and we will also not be able to honour any saving cards at the moment. Please keep any completed cards and you can redeem them later when things go back to normal!.

Our team have all been trained about how to deal with everything and we expect all our customers to be relaxed with them at all times.

Keeping everyone safe…

In order to keep you and our wonderful cashiers and advisors safe we have an extremely comprehensive cleaning routine in action. After every credit card transaction we are cleaning the machine, all our trollies and baskets are being disinfected throughout the day along with every surface, door handle and anywhere else we think gets touched regularly.

But we need your help to keep our us safe and to provide you with as risk-free environment as we possibly can. This means that going forward we will begin to restrict the number of people in store at any one time should numbers be too great.


Scampers have set up an obligatory hand sanitiser station for all of you when you enter or leave our store and we also have a lot of stock of hand sanitiser for sale in the store.

We now also ask you not to bring the family as although we believe pet stores are an essential service, normal shopping habits at Scampers are having to change. Ideally, we would ask just one person in store per transaction until this is over.

Our team are our most valuable asset and we want them all to still be here when this is over and at this point everyone remains employed pretty much as “normal”. We are desperate for this to continue.

Most importantly please carry on being lovely to our team and most importantly respect their personal space as otherwise we may have to bring in more draconian rules. Your dogs are family but of course NO RESTRICTION on your dog’s visiting!

Panic buying…

Do not panic, our supply chain is full and we are receiving daily deliveries of all your favourite foods and treats. We will from time to time bring in restrictions on products but this will change weekly based on current and forecast stocks. Please bear with us as we are doing our best to keep all of your lovely pets totally looked after during this horrid period.

We will of course be publishing regular updates via our Facebook please always check in before visiting in case anything has changed.

Be safe…

Michelle and I want to say thank you very much for all being so lovely and understanding with our team, it is greatly appreciated by all of them. We are all in this together and we wish you and your families, our best wishes and to please stay healthy during this awful time.

We believe that how every business behaves during this crisis will define them into the future, and we are doing our level best.

Thank you

Piers, Michelle, Rooster, Sardine and the whole Scampers team!

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