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Trojan Horse Interiors Trojan Horse Interiors

Trojan Horse Interiors are a dynamic team of experienced commercial interior designers and construction managers providing services in all aspects of office interiors since 1991. We specialise in locating, designing, constructing and maintaining outstanding commercial interiors and have included you in this correspondence due to our previous contact, or thought you may find it of interest. If you do not wish to continue receiving these emails, simply select the unsubscribe button below.

Simple Solutions for Public Spaces

“As the customer service area of an inner city council, this multi purpose workspace faces many challenges.  Additional staff were required and the decision was taken to liberate excess space from an underutilized foyer area.

The new service counter was created closer to the entry with seating alcoves located further down the passageway provide privacy for resolving more involved issues."

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Simple Solutions in Creative Space Planning

"The waiting area has been redefined using circular patterned carpet and upholstered seating. Retractable glass doors add to the versatility with impromptu meetings held in the small interview room and circular meeting area.

Creative space planning and respecting the previous fit-out detailing, creating a fresh new look, while making the most of existing elements of infrastructure.”

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