Fall slow cooker recipes and a food guide makeover
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Slow Cooker Comfort Foods: Easy, healthy and perfect for a chill fall day
toast with peanut butter HEALTH NEWS
New study reveals nut consumption associated with reduced weight gain
A new study published by the European Journal of Nutrition investigated the link between nut intake and weight loss or gain, as well as risks associated with overweight or obese participants with increased nut consumption.

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salad with chicken and peanuts NUTRITION NEWS
Changes to new food guide
Health Canada’s food guide is about to undergo a makeover. Recently, Health Canada released a new set of principles it intends to adhere to for their next food guide. Among the changes include a revamp of the colourful rainbow of food groups to include a more plant-based diet.

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bowl of in-shell peanuts ALLERGY UPDATE
Quebec school board ends ban on peanuts, other allergy-prone foods
The Commision scolair de Montreal (CSDM), has made a drastic shift in philosophy by lifting its ban on peanuts and other anaphylaxis-inducing foods, saying restrictions on student lunches create a false sense of security.

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bowls of trail mix CONSUMER INSIGHTS
Trending trail mix
Whether hiking along a great Canadian trail, finalizing a report at the office, or anywhere in between, trail mix is that salty-sweet snack that can curb hunger anytime.

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