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Tammy Casteel, LPN

Medical patients will recognize a new face around Hull Aesthetics - Tammy Casteel. Tammy has worked for Dr. Hull for years and is now our newest team member and resident Kybella specialist! We treated Tammy tattoo's and she wanted to share her experience with you.

I recently decided to try PicoWay myself and the question most people had was “Did it hurt?” The degree of discomfort varies with each person depending on the nature and location of the tattoo on the body. With this being said, I was pretty nervous…I thought it was going to be terrible. But, it wasn’t nearly as bad as I expected.

My tattoos are about the size of a quarter on my lower hip and a 50 cent piece around my belly button. I had two treatments with the PicoWay and each session lasted about 5-10 minutes. Overall, it was a little more painful than getting the tattoo. When I originally got my tattoo it was more of a digging or abrasive feeling, but the PicoWay felt similar to tiny shocks or a rubber band hitting the skin. At its worst, I would rate the pain a 6, but it subsided quickly.

Wound care was easy. I applied a thin layer of polysporin, Vaseline or Aquaphor to the site to keep it moist and I used ice when needed for comfort. The sites were swollen for two days and bruised for about a week.

Overall, treatment was a breeze. If you can handle having a tattoo put on your body, then removal shouldn’t be any different. If you are interested in seeing what the PicoWay laser can do for your tattoos, schedule a complimentary consultation today.

If you want to see a video of Tammy's experience, check out our Ask the Expert segment  here.


PicoWay Tattoo Removal

By: Randi Saunders, Licensed Medical Aesthetician

It is estimated that 20% of people regret their tattoo. That makes 1 in 5 people! As the number of individuals with tattoos has increased, so has the need for improvements in removal methods. These methods have evolved from potentially harmful treatments that often had painful and sometimes permanent side effects, to less harmful methods yielding better results. Until the introduction of laser tattoo removal, people resorted to tattoo removal methods such as acid treatments, surgical excision, and dermabrasion.

Luckily, things have changed, and there is a new treatment available. We are excited to be the only office in Northwest Arkansas to offer the newest, most advanced laser tattoo removal method, the PicoWay. This new laser shatters the conventional method of removal.

Traditionally, lasers removed tattoos by breaking up the pigment colors of the tattoo with a high-intensity light beam. However, the PicoWay delivers energy to the ink in ultra-short pulses. These pulses are so fast that they are measured in picoseconds. For all of us who aren't familiar, that's a VERY fast one trillionth of a second!. Those pulses shatter even the tiniest ink particles, making it easier for your body to clear.

Another huge improvement is that the PicoWay can treat a wide range of colors on different skin types. The speed of this treatment helps to minimize discomfort, resulting in visible results with fewer treatments with little to no downtime. Treat more ink colors faster without a lot of pain? Sign me up!

While the PicoWay is a great way to remove tattoos, it is also a safe and effective treatment for pigmentation, skin irregularities, lesions, and signs of aging - all with minimal discomfort and downtime.

Are you one of the 20% who is ready to say goodbye to their tattoo? Call and schedule a consultation and see what the new PicoWay laser can do for you!

Check out the Staff Spotlight for a first hand look at the removal experience.


Body Contouring: Part One

Our Spring Open House is around the corner and we wanted to share some information about two of the treatments that we will feature, CoolSculpting and Bioslimming Wraps.

Summer Bodies are Made in the Winter

A review of CoolSculpting by Shannon Ceballos, Licensed Medical Aesthetician

You may have heard that saying before, but it couldn’t be more true. After the holidays have passed, its time to really focus on your diet and exercise regimen and that includes body contouring! We have some great options for non-invasive body contouring that enhance all the hard work you’re putting in towards that beautiful summer bod!

CoolSculpting is a great way to banish the bulge. Have you been working out and eating right and still have some left over areas of stubborn fat? CoolSculpting is the answer! In as little as an hour, we can treat that tummy bulge.

CoolSclupting works by freezing fat cells. The intense cooling kills the fat cells and then your body naturally eliminates the cells as waste. The treatment is comfortable and most people end up taking a nap while the treatment is performed.

Have you ever wondered why women have cellulite and men don't? It's actually in our genetics! The connective tissues to connect our skin to our muscles are made up completely different in women than in men (see graphic below). The tissues in men form a criss-cross pattern, which keeps the skin firm, and never allows the fat to poke through to make that dimpled appearance. In women, we have more of a collimated formation of connective tissues, and that allows the skin to become more lax, and it also allows the fat to poke through and create that uneven texture that we all know and hate! That's why even skinny girls can have cellulite!!




Bioslimming Wraps: Redefine Your Curves

A review of BioSlimming Wraps by Hezell Montoya, Licensed Medical Aesthetician & Licensed Massage Therapist

Bioslimming body wraps are another great and affordable alternative to combat cellulite, improve tone, and reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Combining biotechnology with a complex blend of natural ingredients (including caffeine, algae, and essential oils), stubborn fatty deposits and cellulite can be reduced by up to 67%.

Your Aesthetician will begin by deeply and vigorously massaging in the first blend, which includes a Detox Base, Ultra Slim Gel and Ultra Slim Cream. The treatment focuses on the tummy, hips and legs, but can be tailored for the upper body and arms if you wish. Once this blend is thoroughly applied to the skin, you will be covered in bio wrap.

The process will take 30 minutes for the blend of gels and cream to work. During this time, you will feel a warming sensation as the cream heats. Next, the film is removed and the last gel, the Ultra Slim Effect, is applied. Be warned though, this gel is very cooling and will tingle.

Once completed, you will walk out from the treatment feeling your skin is firmer and smoother. For optimum results, we advise a course of six to ten treatments, three to seven days apart.

This treatment really is a must for those with stubborn cellulite or simply for those looking for a little boost in body confidence.


Going in Deep with the DermaPen

By: Kim Bolinger, Licensed Medical Aesthetician and Registered Medical Assistant

Wrinkles? Vertical lip lines? Enlarged pores? Scars? Stretch marks? If you said yes to any of these, than DermaPen is the treatment for you!

DermaPen uses multiple needles to create micro-punctures directly into the skin. This allows for transdermal delivery of nutrients and growth factors deep into the epidermis.

DermaPen is a safe and effective treatment that can be adjustable and fully tailored for your individual concerns. It is even suitable to use on delicate and hard-to-reach areas such as those around the eyes, lips, and nose.

Dermapen is recommended in a series of three treatments, but with more acne scarring and stretch marks, you could need up to 4-8 treatments, spaced 4-6 weeks apart. Included in our treatments here at Hull Aesthetics is a unique and very effective application, Tensage Growth Factor,that has been proved to speed up healing and repair damaged skin. Speaking from my own personal experience, the results I have seen on my own skin are amazing after only two treatments. 

If firmer, younger looking skin is something that you are wanting, or if you are wanting to get rid of scars or stretch marks, then call us today for a consultation to see if you can benefit from this treatment.


Shannon has a Hull Lotta Love for SkinCeuticals Triple Lipid Restore

It's no secret that I am a SkinCeuticals fanatic, so when they launch a new product, I'm going to try it!

Recently, SkinCeuticals launched a new corrective moisturizer called, Triple Lipid Restore. It is an anti-aging treatment that refills cellular lipids and nourishes skin. As we age, we loose firmness, volume, and hydration in the skin, especially in these dry winter months. The barrier of the skin is compromised, leaving the skin looking dehydrated and aged. Triple Lipid Restore contains a proprietary blend of natural lipids, ceramides, natural cholesterols, and fatty acids. All essential to repairing the skin's barrier and reduce the signs of aging. Some of the signs that you have lost lipids in the skin are roughness, uncomfortable tightness, dullness, and loss of facial fullness.

As most of you know, I am expecting my second son in June. I have noticed an increased feeling of dryness and dullness to my skin this pregnancy. I am convinced he is taking everything from me! I have been using this cream for a few weeks now and have noticed that I am not as dry throughout the day. When I apply my makeup, it isn't settling into areas where I tend to become dry during the day, like my under eyes or around my mouth.  My skin is also amazingly soft and smooth. Since starting this cream, I've been getting told that I have that "glow" so often associated with pregnancy, but I really think its Triple Lipid Restore!


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